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    Sennheiser HD800 Open Back Audiophile Headphones - Product Review


    Verdict - With the largest and most advanced drivers of any headphone on the market, together with cutting edge design, the HD800 set new standards in high-fidelity listening. Pro’s – Great build quality, reasonably lightweight and very comfortable fit. Con’s – Looks and size may not suit everyone.

    In-Depth Review

    Introduction – The HD800 sits at the pinnacle of Sennheiser's headphone product line. Part of the Club Orpheus range of high end listening devices, they are available through a very select set of dealers. This is due to the extra aftercare services provided (a 10 year warranty!) and that Sennheiser would prefer for customers to have the opportunity to try their flagship before they buy. These serious headphones will require an equally serious dedicated amp to get find everything they are capable of. Description – The looks of the HD800 are surely Metropolis inspired, handsome in a future retro way. When picked up the unit feels beautifully constructed - this makes the lack of design subtlety more endearing as you can easily believe their shape is integral to the success of final object. They feel very comfortable, whilst staying put when turning your head the clamping force exerted is minimal. Included peripheralsSennheiser HD800 and luxury storage box. Application – The HD800 has one job, to get you excited about all your favorite recordings from the most comfortable chair in your living room. You might want to kick everyone else out though as they are open backed and will allow sound to leak in. Describe the sound – This is where they should and do really impress, vocals feel very real and the handling of bottom end is impressive, punchy with no feeling of sluggishness. Cooler than the usual Sennheiser house sound, detail is very evident without becoming too introspective. Instrument separation is coherent with good width to the stereo image, the angled drivers must help with the perception that the audio is definitely in front of you. Although some may find the soundstage a little in your face with some recordings, many will think that Sennheiser have nailed the spacial presentation here. With a quick and rhythmic feel which works great for stringed instruments, percussion stopping quick passages from becoming confused whilst retaining for more gentle and drifting pieces. The HD800's seem to do well with most genres, aggressive when needed and capable of subtle sweetness, a well rounded and extremely accomplished offering. Comparisons – If you want similar quality your wallet could also take a beating from the Beyerdynamic T1, HifiMAN HE6, Fostex TH-900, STAX SRS-3170

    Product Information

    Product Type - Open Back Circumaural Audiophile Headphones Price at the time of review- £1000 Product Link - Buy Sennheiser HD800

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