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    Sennheiser Headphones - UK market leader?

    Sennhesier Headphones We are a big fan of Sennheiser headphones here at HiFi Headphones. Sennheiser are the without doubt the headphone & earphone company with the largest market share. Their range covers everything from humble ear buds that replace the standard issue Apple earphones, to sports headphones for jogging and cycling, right through to high end full size Hi-Fi models. With a headphone business that includes supplying specialist headphones to helicopter and jet pilots, they really do have it all covered. If you read Sennheiser's marketing blurb they are quite partial to the term 'electroacoustics' to explain what they do. So, Sennheiser are market leaders, but are their headphones and earphones any good? Well, yes! In our experience Sennheiser's headphones and earphone are always well made and the sound quality if often excellent, even with the cheaper models. It was once said in the IT industry that you could never be fired for buying IBM computer equipment, well we think that phrase fits well for Sennheiser. If your job depended on it you couldn't go wrong with a Sennheiser headphone purchase! One word of warning. Beware of cheap fake Sennheiser headphones! We have seen (and have even been offered) very cheap Sennheiser headphones. These are always fake. Often these rip-off headphones are of the lower end (e.g. CX300 ear bud headphones) and are offered at bargain prices. These are not genuine Sennheiser's and the quality is very poor. They can look almost identical to the real thing, but it's not until you actually plug these headphones in and hear how bad the sound quality is that you will realise they are fake. As always you don't get something for nothing! For a wide selection of competitively priced genuine Sennheiser Headphones take a look at the HiFi Headphones store. Sennhesier HD 465 Headphones Sennhesier HD 465 Full Size Hifi Headphones

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