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    Sennheiser MM550-X TRAVEL Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - Product Review

    Product Information

    Product type - Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

    Price at the time of review - £349.99

    Product Link - Buy Sennheiser MM550-X


    Verdict -Portable headphones with built-in noise cancellation, bluetooth connectivity and mic/remote features.

    Pro’s –The MM 550-X sound good enough that you'll feel like it's money well spent, especially when using it wirelessly. Its active noise cancellation, while not class leading, is still fairly effective; if you want the best and don't need a wireless pair, the PSB M4U2 is a great alternative.

    Con’s – There is huge choice in the world of portable headphones, if you do not require all of the features on offer here you can save yourself money without experiencing a big drop in sound quality.

    In-Depth Review

    Introduction – This is Sennheiser's portable that does it all, and at £300 most people would be expecting that. Although they are not the most beautiful cans we have ever seen the build quality is excellent, they are more a model of German Efficiency than a statement of urban sophistication. The Sennheiser MM550X are circumaural with soft pleather earpads for long listening sessions in comfort. Despite the generous cups they are a small size, easily transportable. The right earcup is laden with controls, not surprising given the list of available functionality. Extremely flexible headphones, impressive technology, of course as with all wireless headphones, not all of the money goes into sound quality. The MM550Xs pair with a phone easily, charge over USB, and they fold easily into a portable carry case.

    Included peripherals –As well as a lovely pair of foldable travel headphones, you get - USB mains charger, USB charging cable, in-flight adapters, an audio cable, a neat carry case and the user manual.

    Application – Headphones don't come much more feature-packed than the Sennheiser MM550X. CD quality apt-X, NoiseGard sound cancelling technology, TalkThrough (a button turns on the external microphone so you can talk without removing the headset), Invisible microphone, cable option when power runs out, neodymium drivers, SRS WOW HD technology,integrated track and volume controls. To save on weight, most of the unit is plastic, Steel runs through the headband to give flexibility and strength.

    Description – Sennheiser say the battery should provide 8 hours of listening with Bluetooth and NoiseGuard enabled, 10 hours Bluetooth without NoiseGuard and 20 hours using the cable with NoiseGuard activated. If you are looking for all the features on offer here then the MM550X are a good bet, however if you want the best sound quality then a well isolated closed back cabled headphone may be a better fit. If the NoiseGuard is the most appealing feature there are similar quality alternatives which have excellent noise canceling abilities for less. Describe the sound -The sound quality is pretty impressive in standard mode although maybe a tiny bit Mid shy. On most occasions Bluetooth headphones still don’t match up to their cabled cousins but here the sound is nearly identical in cabled or Bluetooth mode, feeling much better than most traveling wireless headphones. Sennheiser's NoiseGard canceling technology is a different matter though, audibly degrading the great sound from standard mode. The SRS WOW HD button is in our opinion a pointless addition. It seems to add an aggressive smile curve EQ simultaneously making the top end a little scratchy and the bass muddy and over emphasized. Comparisons– Also see Sennheiser PX210, Jaybird SB2, Volume DH-B38, Sennheiser MM400X.

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