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    Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Review - Shrunk Down Chic

    sennheiser momentum in-ear


    For the asking price, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is incredible value; giving great sound as well as swish styling and all in a very rugged and classy looking case. They are available in versions compatible with Apple devices as well as Android, so you needn't be cutting down your choice of handsets with the Momentum In-Ear.


    • Very nice looking
    • Decent well thought-out case
    • Versions for Apple and Android
    • Right Angle Jack


    • Bundled accessories are high quality but low in number
    • Designed to be worn down from the ear only
    Border Hot off the press at Sennheiser, the Momentum In-Ear promises to give music fans a taste of what this esteemed company is capable of in its 70th year. This particular old man is not doddery in the least however; the old CX300 and similar models have been updated, the new Urbanite is impressing young music fans all over the place and now we have the Momentum In-Ear. sennheiser momentum in-ear

    Key Features

    The first thing which is noticeable is the case, since the Momentum In-Ears are tucked away in the case when bought. Fishing them out gives a very good impression however - the case is semi-rigid with an internal caddy around which the cable can be wound. This will certainly protect the Momentum In-Ears well when not in use. The nozzles have been updated from previous similar Sennheiser in-ears, with the Momentum In-Ear these are now 'custom machined stainless steel sound tunnels' - they give a nice impression of build qulaity. Then there's the buttons, either for Apple or Android, depending on which version you buy.

    First Impressions

    In terms of styling, it's more reminiscent of the Urbanite model. The flat two-tone cable and understated shiny design is attractive but not showy, much like the Momentum In-Ear's sound. The case is new too, and is an excellent design as it affords protection against the contents being squashed or stressed. A separate 'caddy' comes out, around which the cable can be gently wrapped and it goes back into the case to be zipped up. Very neat. The capsules themselves remind me somewhat of the Brainwavs S5, with their off-centre nozzles. They fit very well indeed when worn like this, but it may make the 'up and over' wearing style a little awkward. It can be done though! sennheiser momentum in-ear

    Sound Quality

    When it comes to the sound, the Momentum In-Ear compares well with its full-size Momentum sibling. Detail is high without sibilance or discomfort; harmonics are brought out for a very real sense of musicality. Soundstage is surprisingly broad for an in-ear model and imaging is coherent and sharp. Overall, the sound is fairly typical of Sennheiser's recent offerings; in terms of full size headphones at least. When compared to older lines such as the now axed CX300, the sound is drastically improved and shows that this old dog still has some new tricks!


    A very good in-ear from this venerable old timer. Despite all the in-ear competition coming from young companies keen to impress, Sennheiser can still pull a rabbit from the headphone hat; the Momentum In-Ear is a real treat! Score - 9/10 sennheiser momentum in-ear

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