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    Sennheiser Momentum Full Size Portable Headphone Review

    sennheiser momentum


    The Full-size Sennheiser Momentum is the big brother to the smaller on-ear Momentum; the last word in luxurious, portable listening with sumptuous earpads made from real leather. These headphones are fantastic for separation, and they have a very wide soundstage which belies their closed back design. Sound isolation is high; the leather pads excel in keeping unwanted noises out, while social isolation is low due to the handy Apple mic and controls.


    • Comfy Earpads
    • Smart/Stylish
    • Rich Bass
    • 5 year warranty


    • Top end detail
    • Relatively unforgiving headband

    Key Features

    • Coupling: Over Ear
    • Transducer principle: Dynamic, closed
    • Frequency response: 16Hz - 22kHz
    • Impedance: 18?
    • Weight: 190g
    • Cables: (no mic) 1.4m, (Apple mic) 1.3m

    First Impressions

    The Momentum headphones have a solid feel with a steel and leather construction. At the same time they are quite light to wear; I don't imagine being fatigued with these during extended periods of use. They have a style reminiscent of Aviator sunglasses; rounded, tinted and very cool with a touch of 80s chic. As well as the 1.3m Apple-compatible cable, there's a spare 1.4m cable (without mic) and a semi-solid case for keeping them in good condition whilst on the go. The headband pad could do with plumping up a little, but the earpads are very comfy indeed. For an 'over-ear' design however, the spaces in the earpads are limited so comfort may be dependent on an individual's own ear shape and size. sennheiser momentum

    Sound Quality

    The Sennheiser Momentum excels at bass warmth without being bloated, and the soundstage appeared to be shoulder-wide; the 'breadth' of the music far exceeds the physical size of the headphones. Separation is very good also with each instrument in its own space. Mid range is involving and enjoyable, but there is a slight lack of high-end detail which some may prefer to keep. I'd summarise the frequency response as akin to the design; very comfortable indeed but not likely to send you to sleep in a hurry! Dance music is particularly suitable, and although the Momentum can be used straight from a portable device they respond really well to amplification. Sub bass is plentiful, indeed awesome with the Fiio E12's bass boost. The Momentums really respond well to EQing.


    If you like to relax in the bath with a box of chocolates, these are the headphones for you! This is not to say that these headphones are suitable for relaxing music only of course. Dance, rap and R&B all come across really well; acoustic music will be good due to the midrange but may lose a little something at the top end. Soundstage and separation will make up for this however; any performance will not feel any less real. Score - 9/10 sennheiser momentum

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