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    Sennheiser RS 220 - New Product Announcement

    The Hifiheadphones team is pleased to announce that the flagship wireless headphone model from Sennheiser, the RS 220 is now available to be purchased on our website.
    • Open, circumaural digital wireless headphone
    • Uncompressed lossless digital audio transmission
    • Transmitter features analogue audio input
    • Range of up to 100m (line of sight) from sound source and up to 30m indoors
    • Power on/off, balance control and volume control integrated on headphones
    • Multi-purpose transmitter also functions as 'easy-charge' cradle and docking station
    • Extremely comfortable and luxurious velour ear pads
    • Rechargeable, integrated batteries
    • Extended 5-year warranty
    • Available for demonstration - call us now!
    Audiophile listening has gone wireless: Sennheiser's RS 220 takes cable-free listening to new realms. This digital wireless headphone system delivers pure sound performance matching high-grade wired headphones. To purchase the set, please visit our website: Buy Sennheiser RS220

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