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    Sennheiser RS220 - Product Review

    Product type – Full size Digital Wireless Headphones with built in DAC Price at time of review – £379.99 Product link - Buy Sennheiser RS220 Verdict – Would you like audiophile sound with the benefit of cable free usage? Look no further, the RS220 will satisfy all your listening needs. Pro’s – This is the best and most fully featured wireless headphone on the market at present. Digital and analogue inputs and outputs make this unit very easy to integrate into an existing set up. Not only are the Sennheiser RS220 very serious sonically but they are also well made and extremely well thought out, the controls on the cups work well and the whole unit has a luxury feel. Cons – This is also the most expensive wireless headphone on the market. As Sennheiser themselves have the excellent RS170/180 models some people may not need to stretch themselves this far. Introduction – Sennheiser are probably the best known name in headphones, the RS220 is part of a big refresh of their higher end models. Not only is this the top Sennheiser wireless headphone but almost certainly the best and most fully featured wireless headphone anyone has made to date. Because of the available features and sound quality it is bound to become the wireless headphone of choice for custom installers all over the world. Rather than the Kleer technology used in previous Sennheiser digital wireless systems, the RS 220 uses DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum). The difference is that DSSS transmits using an uncompressed audio signal over 2.4 GHz. Description – Features include an onboard DAC with both optical and Coax input and output as well as analogue (RCA) input and output. All functions including source, volume, left and right balance and On/Off can be controlled from the headphone. The design looks great and should be acceptable in the most grand of living rooms Included peripherals – Sennheiser RS220 comes with the wireless headphone unit, transmitter/DAC/charging unit, 6ft RCA cable, RCA to 3.5mm adaptor, Coaxial cable, CD and physical instruction manual. Application – For currently available wireless headphones these really are as good as it gets. There is no way to use these in any portable sense although the range is good for wondering around the house, perfect for avoiding cabling on the living room or bedroom floor. Describe the sound – As the Sennheiser RS220 is a wireless headphone it is not really fair to compare the sound to a similarly priced cabled headphone, the technology that comes in the transmitter obviously makes up a large portion of the manufacturing costs. Putting this to one side the sound quality is really impressive, plenty of well behaved bottom end that never becomes overbearing. From the mids up they are very clear, the EQ seems sensibly placed to work for a whole host of music or indeed watching HD films. Very clean sound which avoids any harshness, quick and defined. Definitely the most detailed wireless headphones we have heard, the sound stage is wide which helps live recordings feel natural and realistic. Comparisons – If you want to go down in price from here look at the RS170/180 although they lack the internal DAC features.

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