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    Sennheiser Spare Parts - headphone cables, earpads, headbands & capsules

    Sennheiser parts Spares for Sennheiser headphones are now available at the HiFi Headphones store. You'll find a big selection of replacement cables for Sennheiser headphones, as well as earpads, headbands and capsules (the speaker or earpiece). One of the great things about buying headphones or earphones from an established manufacturer like Sennheiser is that it's possible to service your headphones when components wear out or break. There's no need to throw you pride and joy in the bin, just replace the part. Our selection of spare parts includes a full range of spares for popular consumer models such as the Sennheiser HD600, PX100, and HD595 as well as professional studio models such as the Sennheiser HD25, HD280 and HD250.

    Replacement Cables, Earpads and more

    If you've broken the lead on your Sennheiser headphones, or just worn out the ear pads then browse through our Sennheiser spares section and track down the replacement part. If your headphones are in need of more serious repair then you will also find spare headbands and even replacement drivers for many popular models. We were hoping to get the product pages for more Sennheiser spares online before the New Year, but due to the huge workload we'll be working on filling out this section in January. Please check back soon or Contact Us if you have a particular requirement.

    More Information

    For more details on the full range of Sennheiser replacement parts and many other accessories and spares for a range of headphones, please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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