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    Via our parent company K&S technology Ltd we can offer the full range of Sennheiser Consumer Headphone Spares. We can ship to virtually any destination across the world. Sennheiser Spares Site Since 2012 we have been the only official partner for Sennheiser consumer headphone spares in the UK, ensuring that Sennheiser headphones customers benefit from the highest service standards and can rejuvinate their much-loved headphones for more years of pleasurable listening. We answer enquiries from all over the world, and can ship to many places on practically every continent. Also we are happy to help regarding fitting earpads and other parts, or if the part you require is discontinued we can suggest alternatives, or offer information which might help you get them elsewhere. Popular spares requests we receive are for replacement earpads such as for the PX-100, headband padding, headbands, batteries for bluetooth headphones, cases and much more - usually dispatched to you within 24 hours. We offer a personal service and are very responsive to questions received regarding any part or Sennheiser headphone. Just email us using the link below - or call: 01628 402 217

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