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    Shure SE112 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones Review

    Shure SE112 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones

    Hifi Headphones Rating – 9 out of 10 Price - £46 Buy Shure SE112 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones here


    • Comfortable
    • Nice rounded capsule housing design
    • Non-removeable cable - similar in build to that of Shure’s other cables
    • Good level of bass and detail
    • Can be worn with the cable up or down
    • 2 year warranty period


    • Some may find the cable a little ungainly for a budget in-ear
    • Capsule housing can stand proud of the ear when worn


    Shure has obviously been looking at how the in-ear market has been developing; the popularity of the sub-£50 in-ear headphone has inspired a new addition to its esteemed lineup in the form of the SE112. As can be expected, the included accessories are basic and limited in number. There’s 3 pairs of eartips (S,M & L) and a wax loop tool for maintenance. Also there’s a little velour draw-string bag for storage.

    Key Features

    • Impedance 16 Ohms
    • Sensitivity 105 dB
    • Dynamic microdriver
    The Shure cable features a right-angle jack, much like other higher-value models; strain reliefs are moulded as part of the capsule housings in keeping with the rounded look of the SE112.

    First Impressions

    Shure has taken a departure from their usual in-ear designs; previous housings have been designed to sit fully in the ears’ conchas. The SE112 is similar in its rounded and shaped style but is appreciably smaller; isolation is not affected however, these really take down the volume of everything around which might compete for the wearer’s attention.

    Sound Quality

    The SE112 compares favourably to similarly-priced equivalents. They have a warm, smooth bass without being boomy, and have a clear midrange. Higher frequencies are rolled off a little. When compared to the scene-stealing SoundMAGIC E10 of recent years, the SE112 is certainly a contender. The sound is much like that of the E10 but differs slightly; there’s a little more high-frequency rolloff (but not much), however what appeals to me is the low-mid or upper bass area, there’s a lovely chunky-silky quality to it which I always enjoy when listening to 70s rock and library music.


    The SE112 is a very likeable earphone for its modest price; the build quality is reminiscent of higher value models and they are very comfortable. The isolation renders me virtually incommunicado. Shure has stuck with its 2 year warranty which pushes up the value for money aspect somewhat, not that any part of the SE112 is weak or looks vulnerable to accidental damage. My verdict is that I’m buying them right now!

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