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    Shure SE846 Quad Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor Earphones - Announcement

    The HifiHeadphones team is pleased to announce the new Quad Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor Earphone from Shure, the SE846 is now available to be purchased on our website.

    Shure's SE846 represents the pinnacle of personal monitor technology. Equipped with four dedicated high-definition balanced armature drivers and innovative low-pass filter the SE846 offers unparalleled True Subwoofer bass performance whilst retaining harmonious sound across the entire frequency range. Shure have configured the SE846 in a three way system with dedicated drivers for bass, midrange and trebles to ensure an even distribution of sound. Advanced low-pass filters enable unequalled True Subwoofer low-end without distortion. User replaceable audio filters offer fine-tuning of the frequency response for a more balanced, warmer or brighter sound stage, making the SE846 a versatile music machine.

    To ensure a comfortable listening experience with high sound isolation the SE846 have been ergonomically designed to prevent external noise from tainting the sound. As every ear is different Shure has included a broad array of eartips in different variations to ensures the perfect seal in any ear canal. With customisable sound, replaceable cables and a wide selection of accessories the Shure SE846 universal monitors are sure to enthral music enthusiasts.


    • Quad High-Definition Balanced Armature MicroDrivers with True Subwoofer
    • Extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance
    • Removable frequency filters allow adjusting of sound signature
    • Sound isolating sleeves block ambient noise
    • Robust, ergonomic housing with sweat-resistant construction
    • Secure over-the-ear cable configuration
    • Rugged Kevlar reinforced detachable cable
    • MMCX connector with lock-snap mechanism
    • Formable wire ensures secure placement
    • Wide variety of accessories
    To purchase the unit, please visit our website: Buy Shure SE846 Quad Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor Earphones

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