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    Shure SRH1540 Review - Light Luxury

    Shure 1540


    As I come to appreciate slightly brighter headphones and presentations, the Shure SRH1540 is one of the guiding lights along the way. The balance of lightness and impactful bass makes for a wonderful sense of space, realism and.. fun! Even the heaviest rock can be made to prance, skip and gambol yet retain its innate power.


    • Great comfort
    • Light
    • Solid Build


    • No carry case as such
    Border Shure's recently released SRH1540 follows some very good quality headphones and experiences in general with Shure's products. Does this top notch closed-back deserve to be at the top of this pleasant pile?

    Key Features

    The Shure SRH1540 comes with a removable cable of good quality, and porous earpads - this may improve soundstage over the more traditional style but it does leak sound a little. Also Shure has provided a spare cable and a further pair of earpads which is always a good touch. A great quality case brings up the rear; this is more of a storage case than a carry case however. Shure 1540

    First Impressions

    As with most of Shure's range, the feel of quality is apparent; but not at the expense of weight. It's a little like a sports car; the available power is hidden away in preference of styling but it's obviously under the hood, and in spades.

    Sound Quality

    Straight away, the sports car analogy comes back. The presentation is one of speed, agility and lightness. The Shure SRH1840 is not what I would call top heavy, but the upper frequencies are well represented in relation to the bass. Snares give a good realistic crack, but this doesn't spill over into anything too bright. The rubber still meets the road in terms of bass however - it's well controlled, impactful, and goes low if called for. Midrange doesn't take a backseat exactly, but there is a slight recess in that range. Soundstage and separation are very good, with plenty of space left in the presentation for subtler parts such as reverb tails.


    The Shure SRH1540 has its work cut out when it comes to outshining its esteemed siblings. But for me, the SRH1540 is a current favourite. It gives good weight and rich harmonics are brought out adding realism and depth to vocals and the like. It's a full-size headphone which thinks it's a portable, and it's just as at home in either scenario. Score 9.5/10 Shure 1540

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