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    Shure SRH1540 and SRH1840 - Shure's Flagship Showdown

    shure logo Shure's recent flagships, the closed-back SRH1540 and the open-back SRH1840 have teamed up to bring the price of great quality headphones under the £500 mark - but not at the expense of quality or an extremely enjoyable listen. We decided to note down some impressions; both to explain just how these headphones are so good, and also because it was such a great excuse to try them for a while.. Shure 1840

    Shure SRH1840

    Totally immersive - don't forget your life jacket and emergency flares for when you inevitably get lost in there. It's unusual for a highly esteemed brand's flagship headphone such as the Shure SRH1840 to be going for under £500 (particularly headphones as good as this), so take advantage of Shure's generosity! - Read the full review HERE Shure 1540

    Shure SRH1540

    As I come to appreciate slightly brighter headphones and presentations, the SRH1540 is one of the guiding lights along the way. The balance of lightness and impactful bass makes for a wonderful sense of space, realism and.. fun! Even the heaviest rock can be made to prance, skip and gambol yet retain its innate power. - Read the full review HERE

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