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    Shure SRH1840 Review - Yes We Shure Can!

    Shure 1840


    Totally immersive - don't forget your life jacket and emergency flares for when you inevitably get lost in there. It's unusual for a highly esteemed brand's flagship headphone such as the Shure SRH1840 to be going for under £500 (particularly headphones as good as this), so take advantage of Shure's generosity!


    • Sound Superb
    • Comfort
    • Spares included
    • Removable cable


    • Some may find headband underpadded
    Border Despite the recent growth of the headphones market and the high standards attained by makers generally, it's easy to recognise products Shure puts out; always nice to the touch as well as the ear, solidly built and sounding great. So with heavy hearts we find another predictably fantastic pair of headphones for review!

    Key Features

    Shure has seen fit to include some spare earpads and a spare cable with this model, as it has with the SRH1540. Spending this kind of money on headphones probably gets people searching for extra value and they won't be disappointed here. Also a storage case is included. Shure 1840

    First Impressions

    Having not long put down the SRH1540, it was surprising how light the SRH1840 still felt. These headphones are almost not even there, particularly when worn. Some would prefer more padding on the headband, but the negligible weight is borne mostly by the earpads.

    Sound Quality

    Warm without being bassy, crisp without being strident - Shure has really done a good job here. Things can get a little harsh with a raft of flutes playing, but that's the nature of the sound which the SRH1840 brings out faithfully. Also an amp will be an advantage - the impedance and sensitivity of the SRH1840 is not suited to being used straight out of a portable player or phone. My Fiio X3 can power them but seem as if it is straining a bit. An E12 gave a more relaxed presentation, and the bass boost was not lost on the SRH1840, giving some added weight to proceedings. There may be a bit of a bump on the SRH1840 at the top and bottom ends of the range, but midrange is still fully represented.


    Close to perfect. For those who want just a little more detail without spilling over into strident territory the Shure SRH1840 is certainly worth considering. Together with the modest price and incredible comfort, the SRH1840 is a flagship model indeed! Score 9.5/10 Shure 1840

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