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    Shure SRH840, SRH440 & SRH240 Closed Back Studio Headphones

    Shure have just launched a brand new range of closed back studio and DJ headphones that have already been getting quite a bit of interest since news of the pricing was leaked on Full size headphones is a new departure for Shure, as they are known best for their in-ear sound isolating earphones. Initial user reviews suggest that the Shure SRH840 sound like a 'Shure SE530 with sparklier treble', which can only be a good thing. Those lucky enough to get their hands on review samples of the Shure SRH840 have commented on the huge soundstage considering that this headphone is a closed back design. Read one Head-fi members review of the Shure SRH840. We're really excited about this range of headphones and itching to get out hands on initial stock to give them a proper review.
    Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones

    More Information

    For more information on the Shure SRH range of closed back headphones and many other reference quality studio headphones please visit the HiFi Headphones store. Shure SRH440 Headphones

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