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    Skullcandy Headphones - cool new range launched!

    Skullcandy HeadphonesSkullcandy have pulled out all the stops with the designs of their stylish new range of headphones and earphones. Skullcandy have long been headphone pioneers with radical designs and cool colours that are sure to get you noticed. Check out the new range of Skullcandy Headphones at the HiFi Headphones store.

    Skullcandy Inkd

    Skullcandy's Inkd in-ear headphone is now available in a selection of hot colours, including Orange, Purple and Metallic Blue. The Inkd earphone is an in-ear isolating earphone designed for portable iPod listening in style. Skullcandy Inkd Skullcandy Inkd

    Skullcandy TI

    For the first time in the UK Skullcandy have made their popular TI headphones available with a headband lined in fur. These furry headphones have been designed to match the coolest designer street clothes and club wear. Skullcandy Ti Skullcandy TI with Pink Fur

    Skullcandy GI

    The chunky looking Skullcandy GI headphones now come in a range of tough looking designs, including the sandy coloured Skullcandy GI Desert Storm in desert camouflage with bullets attached to the headband, the cool looking SkullcandyGI Camo in a black and white camouflage and the alternative SkullcandyGI Rasta in Jamaican colours. Skullcandy GI Skullcandy GI Camo

    More Information

    To see the full range of Skullcandy Headphones and many other cool and stylish headphones check out the HiFi Headphones online store.

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