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    Sleek Audio SA6 Earphone Begins The Headphone Revolution

    Sleek Audio SA6 HeadphonesSleek Audio SA6 - The headphone revolution has just begun!

    For the first time it’s possible to tune an In Ear Monitor (IEM) style headphone to enhance the listening experience. The new Sleek Audio SA6 Headphones are the first fully customizable headphone that can be tuned to alter the frequency response of the earphone within the ear canal. For more information check out the Sleek Audio website or see the HiFi Headphones online store.

    Tune the Earphone to Suit your Musical Taste

    Based on 30 years experience in the hearing aid industry, Sleek Audio’s Mark and Jason Krywko developed the SA6 to be fully customizable, enabling headphone owners for the first time to be able to alter frequency response to suit the their individual musical taste and to match their ears. The miniature SA6 has an innovative multi-stage Variable Equalization System (VQ), which allows complete customization of the sound, giving the owner the freedom to control the bass and treble response as they wish.

    More Innovative Design

    The innovations don’t stop there. The Sleek Audio SA6 has a cord that can be detached from the headphone body, which for the style conscience means the colour can be changed to match clothes or their MP3 player. More practically the headphone cable can be swapped to replace a cord that has been accidentally crushed or broken. When Sleek Audio designed the SA6 they scrapped the conventional thinking that more drivers or larger speakers are better, and instead researched ways to accomplish the same broad frequency response while still delivering a product a fraction the size of their competitors. The result is a miniature earphone that sounds silky smooth and musical, with excellent comfort and ergonomics to create the best listening experience. Sleek Audio SA6

    Exciting Future Wireless Plans

    Sleek Audio doesn’t plan on stopping at the SA6 In Ear Monitor headphone. Jason Krywko and his team are busy developing a wireless upgrade for the SA6, due to for launch in late 2008. It will be possible to simply unclick the wired cable and attach a wireless receiver, meaning existing SA6 owners will not have to fork out for a new setup and owners who buy the wireless model will also be able to connect with wires. Sleek Audio plans to make all models compatible with their interchangeable cable and wireless setup.

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    Take a look for yourself at the incredible Sleek Audio SA6 earphones Visit the HiFi Headphones store for Sleek Audio and many other top headphone brands

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