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    Sleek Audio UK distributor announced

    KS Distribution has today announced they have been appointed as the UK distributor for Sleek Audio earphone products. Based in Brighton on the South Coast of England, KS Distribution is a distributor of audio headphone and earphone related products. Sleek Audio's SA6 earphone is the first fully customisable headphone that can be custom tuned to alter the frequency response of the earphone within the ear canal. Based on 30 years experience in the hearing aid industry, Sleek Audio’s Mark and Jason Krywko have developed the SA6 to be fully customisable, enabling headphone owners for the first time to be able to alter frequency response to suit the their individual musical taste and to match their ears.

    About KS Distribution

    A leading audio electronics distributor, KS Distribution specialises in bringing innovative products to the UK market and providing a World class service to their customers. Offering a carefully selected range of products for home and mobile listening, KS Distribution are a highly focused team whose primary aim is to develop strong partnerships with retailers and manufacturers. For more information visit

    About Sleek Audio

    Sleek Audio is a personal audio company dedicated to creating “Music in Tune with You.” Creators of the first ever acoustically customisable earphones, Sleek Audio are driven from decades of experience in the custom hearing aid and audio industry. Sleek Audio products are designed for high-performance use with all MP3 players including iPod® and Zune®. For more information visit

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