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    Snugs Ear-Docks Custom Moulded Ear Sleeves For IEM Earphones - Announcement

    The HifiHeadphones team is pleased to announce the new Custom Moulded Ear Sleeves from Snugs, the Ear-Docks are now available to be purchased on our website.

    Customise your in-ear monitor earphones with the Snugs made-to-measure solution to match the unique shape and size of your ears. Snugs can make you a set of Snugs custom ear-sleeves to to fit your own earphones for ultimate fit, best sound isolation and superior comfort. Particularly with earphones using balanced armature transducers, isolation and an airtight seal with your ear are essential to getting the best results. Using Snugs ear-docks will make your favourite earphones sound even better, breathing new life into your listening experience. For Snugs to make custom fitted Snugs ear-docks just for you they need to take an impression of both of your ears. This is done in 20 minutes by a professional Impressionist, either in the Snugs mobile impressionist vehicle, at your home or office, or you can visit an impressionist on the high street. Your impressions are then made into Snugs and delivered to you by UPS courier within a few days. Features
    • Provide an air-tight seal, they are noise-isolating and will not harm your ears like most tips
    • No sound bleed due to the air-tight fit
    • Safe to use when jogging, cycling, commuting and in the office, in Awareness APP mode
    • Snugs are a discreet fashion statement
    • Made within a few days, by the Snugs manufacturing partner, PC Werth in London
    • Delivered by United Parcel Services (UPS) as a tracked and secured courier delivery
    To purchase these ear sleeves, please visit our website: Buy Snugs Ear-Docks Custom Moulded Ear Sleeves For IEM Earphones

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