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    SoundMAGIC E11 Now Available To Preorder

    The SoundMAGIC E11 Is Coming

    You know them. You love them. And now, SoundMAGIC is back with another legendary entry into their canon- The E11 in-ear islolating earphones.
    The SoundMAGIC E11
    The successor to the award winning SoundMAGIC E10, The E11 is an evolution in every sense of the word. Its look and build are more distinguished and more practical- the machined aluminum housing is both substantial and lightweight, and delivers a refined finish. The twisted silver-plated copper cable offers minimal loss of quality while its coating is optimised for avoiding the universally dreaded cable-tangle. As with the E10, it features a durable angled jack to minimise wear-and-tear. And if you're interested in a control with automatic switching between Apple and Android products, the E11C is perfect.
    SoundMAGIC E11C The SoundMAGIC E11C
    Of course, none of these physical attributes are as important as sound, and the E11 and E11C are more than ready to stand up to the competition on this front- expect smooth high-end detail and strong, textured bass, with a broad and evocative soundstage.

    Both the E11 and E11C are now available for preorder from the main Hifiheadphones site ( for the E11 and E11C) and from the SoundMAGIC site ( for the E11 and E11C ).

    Or, if you're the sort of person that hates surprises, we'd love for you to come down and give them a try in our demo room. Give us a call on 01903 768910 or shoot us a message at and we can arrange a time for you to get real familiar with these. We think you'll be hearing about them for a long, long time.

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