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    SoundMAGIC E30 Pro-Fit In Ear Headphones

    The SoundMAGIC E30 Pro-Fit In Ear Headphones

    What happens after Christmas and New Year, we all start to feel the need to hit the gym, but this can be such a tiresome chore, slogging away on the running machine for hour after hour, or bursting your lungs spinning away mile after mile on an exercise bike. Well why not take you music with you to keep the spirits up and keep your ears entertained.It's no fun listening to the sound of the pounding muscles around you when you could be listening to your favourite tracks. The SoundMAGIC E30 offers well balanced, accurate sound at a price that is hard to beat . They have an an in-ear monitor (IEM) design, which is normally reserved for much more expensive earphones (i.e. see earphones from Shure, Sennheiser, etc). SoundMAGIC E30 The cabling is designed to run up and over the ears to the back of the neck, which means the ear buds stay very securely in your ear, and the wires stay out of your way. This fit system works very well for sports, on stage in-ear monitoring or any situation where you are active. The SoundMAGIC E30 is robustly built, with well made cables and good strain relief to protect the cabling from being damage. They come supplied plenty of different size ear tips to ensure you get a good in-ear fit. You could even get the Comply T-400 Foam Tips which would give you the best possible comfort and noise isolation. SoundMAGIC E30 PINK

    Hifiheadphones verdict:

    Sound quality with the SoundMAGIC E30 is exceptional considering the reduced price point and compares well with earphones costing two, three even four times as much. The sound is well balanced for an earphone at this price point, with well defined bass and a high level of accuracy through the mids and highs.

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