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    SoundMAGIC P21 Portable On Ear Headphone Review

    SoundMAGIC P21/P21S Portable On Ear Headphone

    SoundMAGIC P21 Headphones


    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Simple attractive design
    • Flat non tangle cable
    • Impressive bass and detail for price
    • Solid construction and soft case


    • At this price it’s very hard to pick fault here!
    • The P21S version with Mic and MFB might be better if you’re chatty


    The SoundMAGIC P21 is a new lightweight on ear headphone from the multi-award winning SoundMAGIC brand. It’s a small foldable unit with a 3.5mm connector, a perfect companion to a Dab radio, Smartphone or Tablet computer.

    Key Features

    • 40mm Neodymium transducer
    • Sensitivity 103db
    • Cable Length 120cm
    • 110g
    • Microphone & Smart Switch, enables Apple iOS/Android Smartphone compatibility (P21S only)
    soundmagic p21S A foldable headband and soft carry pouch make these portable gems a must for travelling music andfilm lovers.

    First Impressions

    Featuring super soft pads and a non tangle cable, this is a simple product with everything you need included. Comfy on the head, there isn’t much pressure applied by the light frame but the generous ear pads keep the P21 in place even whilst walking around. You forget you’re wearing them right away and Isolation is impressive too.

    Sound Quality

    Famed for creating products which perform sonic feats unexpected at their price, SoundMAGIC have done it again with this budget beauty. These practical cans have sparkling mids, impressive soundstage with both detail and bass depth. Realistic instrument separation gives an accomplished musical feel. Because SoundMAGIC have not been tempted to make the bass huge, the P21 really work across most genres. There is plenty of impact and rhythm for Dance and Rock lovers, but the top end sparkle will make classical fans equally happy. The sense of space and solidity will shame much higher priced portables!


    SoundMAGIC takes a lot of beating in this price category. Ideal for travel and holidays, these will fit right in to any bag or backpack when stored in their low profile travel case. Even having tried much more serious and high value portables, I’m still really impressed while listening to this little SoundMAGIC on-ear. If you would rather have a budget headphone than an earphone, the P21 is probably what you’re looking for. soundmagic p21s colours Engaging and fun-sounding, the SoundMAGIC P21 will make the absolute most of the output from any portable player. Please take a look at our video review of the SoundMAGIC P21S below for more details.

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