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    SoundMAGIC PL50 IEM Earphones Launched

    SoundMAGIC PL50

    SoundMAGIC have released the PL50 IEM earphone in Asia this week. The PL50 is an in-ear sound isolating design and looks like it will be competing with higher end IEMs, such as the Shure and Ultimate Ears range. This is SoundMAGIC's first step into a balanced armature technology earphone and we're really keen to give a proper listen. We are expecting stock here in the UK within the next couple of weeks. SoundMAGIC has taken the earphone World by surprise over this last year with a stream of new high quality products, including the highly regarded PL30 and PL11. The PL30 has had plenty of recognition on the forums since it's launch and has been getting some excellent reviews. The PL11 has also rapidly gained acceptance as an entry level earphone to rival the Sennheiser CX300-II, with excellent bass response and robust build quality. Stuff Magazine recently reviewed the PL11 and seemed to like it a lot.

    SoundMAGIC PL50 Photos

    See below for photos of the new SoundMAGIC PL50: SoundMAGIC PL50 IEM Earphones SoundMAGIC PL50 in Box

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    For the full range of SoundMAGIC earphones and many other high quality earphones and headphones, please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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