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    SoundMAGIC Vento P55 v3.0 Review & Video

    SoundMAGIC P55 V3.0

    The SoundMAGIC P55 v3.0 are helping SoundMAGIC blaze a trail in the world of portable on-ear headphones, looking to build on their success from the award winning E10 and E11 range of in-ears.


    The P55 v3.0, as the name suggests, is the third update to this model. The build and design have stayed the same, the big change is to the drivers used. SoundMAGIC has developed a brand new dynamic driver for the P55 v3 – using improved materials to increase performance. Starting with the build quality, SoundMAGIC has done a great job here. The steel headband is tough, and is finished in a way to match the look of the brushed aluminum earcups - materials not normally associated with headphones costing under £100. These headphones can fold flat, which is not only useful for storage – it also makes them comfortable to hang around the neck while not in use… if that’s your thing. Plastic is used around the earcups and on the underside of the headband – the matt black finish adds to the high-quality feel.


    To provide comfort, there is soft padding used on the headband and the earcups – all covered with a leatherette finish. The soft foam makes the P55 v3 very comfortable to wear and along with the gentle clamping force on the head – these can be worn for long periods without the risk of fatigue.


    Like most portable headphones, these are on-ear – so they’ll sit on the ear as opposed to enclosing the ears completely. Isolation is decent and sound leakage is very low, so others nearby won’t be judging you on your choice of music. The headphones are supplied with two replaceable cables, one standard audio cable and one with inline 3 button controls and microphone – compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Both cables are 1.2m and you also get a hard carry case to keep them safe. Vento P55 On Case


    These headphones are designed for portable use, with a low impedance of 35ohms and fairly high sensitivity of 110dB. This makes them well suited to devices with less power output such as phones, laptops and tablets. Saying that – plug them into a high-quality portable player or headphone amp and hear the headphones really come alive.


    • Bass response
    • Midrange (instrumental/vocals)
    • Treble (extension)
    • Soundstage
    • Imaging (L/R)
    • Microphone
    Now for the sound quality, and for me this is where the P55 v3 really shines. Bass is not what you’d normally expect from a sub £100 portable headphone. There’s a maturity here which delivers weight and punch without any boomyness – bass is tight and doesn’t bleed into the midrange. The midrange is superb on the P55 v3. It’s extremely clear and engaging, and thanks to the controlled bass – it doesn’t get lost in the mix. Thanks to the midrange, male and female vocals both shine and the P55 v3 can also handle intricate instrumental music. The treble provides a good amount of space and gives the whole experience a crispness without sibilance or fatigue that can normally come across. Imaging is very impressive, with a very clear sense of left and right with good width. Soundstage is good, instruments all have their place with well-defined separation.


    • Alternatives
    • Best uses
    • Recommendation
    At £90 there is a fair bit of competition out there, especially from the likes of Sennheiser, AKG and Sony – with a lot of brands offering Bluetooth at this price point. With the P55 v3.0, SoundMAGIC are doing something different to the ret of them. This headphone provides a high-end experience at a very competitive price, something SoundMAGIC has become very well-known and respected for. Suited to those not wanting to sacrifice sound quality for Bluetooth, who appreciate fine build quality and a hi-fi listening experience without breaking the bank. For me, SoundMAGIC have nailed it, and I would recommend these headphones for anyone looking for a new set of wired portable cans.

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