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    SoundMAGIC WP10 Digital Wireless Headphones with DAC - Product Review

    SoundMAGIC WP10 Digital Wireless Headphones with DAC

    Product Type – Full size Digital Wireless Headphones with built in DAC

    Price at the time of review – £239

    Product Link -Buy SoundMAGIC WP10

    Verdict – A well thought-out wireless set with innovative features at a great price point

    Pro’s – The list of features and uses for this wireless headphone with a USB DAC make it a superb all rounder. The headphone itself has the same incredibly comfortable pads as the SoundMAGIC HP100 and HP200 wired Full size headphones, is reasonably lightweight and has a well thought out set of controls placed thoughtfully on the left ear cup.

    Cons– It isn’t the most expensive wireless headphone on the market, but not too far off. To make up for the price just about every accessory you could need has been included.

    Introduction – SoundMAGIC have been an up and coming headphone brand for the past few years. With a few awards and a lot of recommendations from magazines and gadget blogs, SoundMAGIC have been expanding beyond the low budget - high performance IEMs they are already well known for. Perhaps looking to demonstrate their clear technological know how by producing these advanced wireless headphones. Because of the features, sound quality and comfort the WP10 must be taken seriously, particularly if you have a range of uses in mind for your cable free cans.

    Description – Features of the Transmitter include an onboard USB DAC as well as an analogue input – it is tiny and so incredibly portable. The WP10s have a functional look - they look like headphones! - But are by no means un-attractive. Controls are simple and well placed.

    Included peripherals – SoundMAGIC WP10 package comes with the wireless headphones themselves, an excellent carry case, the transmitter/DAC unit, USB mains Charger and cable, 3.5mm to RCA cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and a physical instruction manual.

    Application – This is a very clever set of headphones, the transmitter also contains the USB DAC for superior sound from your PC or Mac, connection cables for pocket sized media players and RCA for home HiFi connectivity. Should you run out of battery power while out and about it is possible to use the included cable to keep on listening! SoundMAGIC have really tried to cover every eventuality.

    Describe the sound – Sound quality is well above that of any RF headphone and superior to that of Bluetooth headphones as the WP10 uses a 2.4G 16 bit CD quality connection. The sound signature is bright and clean with punchy bottom end. It’s not really fair to compare the sound to a similarly priced cabled headphone; the DAC technology in the transmitter obviously costs a pretty penny. The WP10 gives clean audio with decent sound stage which helps live recordings and film sound and feel realistic.

    Comparisons – Similar features to the king of wireless headphones, the Sennheiser RS220, but less luxury oriented and more application rich. Very usable for portable applications they have the edge over the Sennheiser RS160 as the SoundMAGIC transmitter is smaller and more advanced.

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