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    SoundMAGIC's Earbuds - EP10, EP20 and EP30 - Review

    SoundMAGIC's Earbuds - EP10, EP20 and EP30 - Review

    soundmagic earbuds


    For some of us, the earbud ushered in an age of smaller headphones (or earphones) in the late 1980s; there was now a choice other than the portable on-ear headphone and we were able to put them in our pocket between uses. They're not so common now that favoured designs have moved on, but there is still a niche for these classics. It's always a good idea to revisit these older designs and check what they're capable of; particularly when produced by a company which knows a thing or two about wringing every last drop of sound quality from its products - SoundMAGIC. It has produced three different earbud earphones (as in the title) and trying them was quite a pleasurable experience! Check below for impressions garnered from a brief listen to each in turn. soundmagic earbuds

    Sound Quality

    Due to their non-sealing design bass response is limited, but I feel the design caters for this. Given a quiet space in which to listen, all three models have bass in good proportion to the rest of the frequency spectrum when the earbuds are worn normally. It is well controlled, leaving the other frequencies space to shine through. As we go up through the series (EP10, EP20, EP30) the sound becomes a little more refined and better controlled, with a better capability at handling a lot of action; whether percussion, vocals, guitars or all three. With the EP30, subtle details are brought out more.


    Given the non-sealing design, all three models have a great soundstage; sounds definitely seem to be coming from a space outside of the physical confines of the earbuds themselves.


    In terms of value for money, the SoundMAGIC EP earbuds series is a real winner - the highest priced SoundMAGIC EP30 is a mere £14.99, with the SoundMAGIC EP10 and SoundMAGIC EP20 at £7.99 and £9.99 respectively. This makes them a good idea for travelling; you can enjoy your time away without the worry of losing them. Also they knock the socks off the standard airline headphones you might find on your flight. Comfort is perfect, so they're ideal for enjoying relaxing music in bed; the design allows the earbuds to come out of the ears easily should we drop off with them still in! They make perfect gifts for kids who may have higher priorities than to care for their earphones; they can be replaced without breaking the bank. soundmagic earbuds

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