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    Studios Series LX-10 Bluetooth Headphone Review

    Studio Series LX-10 Studio Series is a brand name created by Manchester-based firm Editors Keys which primarily supplies equipment for various creative industries whether audio or visual. We got a chance to try one of their Bluetooth headphones, the LX-10, and it's a pretty good one too!


    • Wireless
    • Light and strong build
    • Good sound for the price


    • No pouch or bag supplied
    • Bass can overpower proceedings

    Design and Appearance

    The LX-10's black and silver finish is reminiscent of far higher value models such as those made by Bowers&Wilkins, and would certainly share the same market, but for their diminutive price tag; the LX-10 is a status symbol only if the purchase price is kept secret. The buttons for volume adjustment and track-skip are shared between the two functions, so any minor volume changes are tricky without changing the track.

    Durability and Build quality

    Out of the box, the movement of the earcups and headband is smooth and solid when adjusted. Headband/earpad padding is generous. The supplied 1.2m cable is good if a little thin, but it's certainly in keeping with the portable flavour of the LX-10.


    Clamping pressure is not high, but the headphones stay in place very well and the full earpads make the LX-10 very comfortable. Ears are fully enveloped in the earpads' marshmallow-like softness and should be well protected from the winter wind!

    Sound isolation

    With no audio playing, isolation is fair - exterior sounds are muted but not to any great degree. However with music on, the LX-10 steals the aural limelight and the outside can be virtually ignored.


    By their nature, the LX-10 headphones can be taken wherever the wearer wants them; however there is no pouch included and although the headphones can be worn around the neck and the earcups folded so they're flat, they only fold with the pads facing upwards. Not a bad thing, just unusual. studio series lx-10

    Sound characteristics

    The LX-10 is tuned for the end user rather than anything specifically studio based, with accentuated bass and a warm presentation overall. They are still very well detailed however, and will suit many.
    • Bass
    Bass is plentiful, and will please bass fans. It starts low, and will certainly suit genres such as dance or hip hop. There is a danger of it encroaching into midrange territory however as it is a bit unruly at times.
    • Mids
    When left to its own devices, the midrange is clear and vocal performances are smooth and uncluttered. Guitar distortion and other harmonics are good; it's involving with with plenty of detail.
    • Treble
    Treble is muted slightly when compared to some higher cost headphones, but is in good balance with the rest of the presentation in a headphone of this type. It provides a decent amount of detail but avoids any chance of listening fatigue - the sound is involving and invigorating without tiring the listener.

    Soundstage and Separation

    Soundstage is good for an on-ear portable, with a decent breadth and depth; the sound envelopes the head very nicely. Separation is pretty good too, with a clear sense of spacing between instruments.

    Music genres good for and why

    The LX-10 is perfect for pop, dance and hip-hop genres, but is a good all-rounder for those of varied tastes.


    Studio Series' LX-10 is a decent Bluetooth model for those on the move and provide a very good value immersive sound considering the modest asking price.

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