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    Depending on how you want to use the headphones, you can either go with a closed back or an open back model. With this article, we'd like to help those in trouble choosing the right one for their needs.
    Our guide to the differences between wireless and true wireless earphones. Is it time to ditch the cord entirely?
    Hey everyone, John here. Final have been in the high-end audio game since 1974. Back then they focused on hi-fi gear such as turntable cartridges, amplifiers, cd players and speakers. Now Final are focusing their efforts on the world of portable audio, and has done so since 2009. They are as much about design as they are sound quality, so much so that they develop all of their own technology to do this – from the outer housings to the drivers themselves.
    We are giving away a Shanling M0 hi res audio player and a pair of Shanling ME100 earphones! See below for rules and instructions on how to enter!
    Our video guide to the history of Bluetooth, and all the features of Bluetooth 5.0.
    Our review of the SoundMAGIC Vento P55 V3.0, SoundMAGIC's latest on-ear headphone.