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    The Atom is the new amp to beat for its price, it is simple yet has all the features you could need from a budget, neutral headphone amplifier.
    The Klipsch R-51M are a well-priced and exciting bookshelf speaker for those who enjoy a toe-tapping and energetic sound.
    The Carbon’s are a meaty and full sounding IEM that don’t lack on the technical front. If you enjoy a darker sound signature, these are well worth a listen.
    The QX-2 from Mission are a very impressive bookshelf speaker for the price, with plenty of punch and energy with an underlying refinement that is sure to please most listeners.
    Demo models of the 64 Audio custom IEM range have landed, so here we have a quick run through.
    We now have demo stock of all 64 Audio models and here’s a handy guide to the basic sound signature of their Universal Models: