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    Meze never fail to impress, and their new flagship IEM is nothing short of astonishing. With a focus on natural tonality, the Rai Penta offer up an organic yet neutral sound that is sure to impress.
    Hey everyone, John here. Final have been in the high-end audio game since 1974. Back then they focused on hi-fi gear such as turntable cartridges, amplifiers, cd players and speakers. Now Final are focusing their efforts on the world of portable audio, and has done so since 2009. They are as much about design as they are sound quality, so much so that they develop all of their own technology to do this – from the outer housings to the drivers themselves.
    The new Lypertek Tevi push the boundaries when it comes to price/performance, offering up a listening experience and stable connectivity exceeding its £99 price tag.
    So there you have it, two beautiful cables both with different sound signatures. Which will be for you, it all depends on synergy and what differences you want out of your current IEM's.
    The new wireless BE6i from Optoma Nuforce is as smart as it is nice-sounding, giving a good impression of your music and complementing your outfit a treat.
    Those who like to hear the smallest thing within their music needn't study the fine print of credit card agreements in order to afford the ER3-SE and ER3-XR.