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    Thomson WHP3311 TV Headphone Review - Pay Less to go Wireless

    Thomson WHP3311

    Thomson WHP3311 Wireless TV Headphone Review

    Televisions have changed recently; where there was once only one speaker facing forwards, now there are speakers all over the place. This can make for an immersive experience, but many complain of finding dialogue hard to follow; mumbling actors, sound effects and soundtracks all take their toll as well as speaker placement and our fondness for wooden flooring, which sends sound reflections all around the room. Since the Thomson WHP3311 can work with any equipment which has a 3.5mm headphone socket, these wireless headphones are also perfect for listening to music while moving around the house or relaxing in the garden. If your TV does not have a headphone socket or only outputs digital audio, please see our guide for how to best deal with this HERE. Also, check the guide if you wish to use the headphones and also have the TV speaker working; it all depends on how you connect the equipment. Wireless headphones for TV use have been around for a long time now, but many are put off by the relatively high price of some sets. Step forward Thomson, with a solution for under £40!


    • Wireless audio
    • Ideal for TV use
    • Transmitter also charges headphones
    • Comfortable


    • For £39.99, how can there be a con?

    Thomson WHP3311

    Design and Appearance

    The WHP3311 is quite utilitarian in design; it will win no fashion awards but if we are wearing them indoors, who's to know? The base unit, or transmitter will sit near to the audio source or TV and will blend in quite well, with a black gloss finish. The base unit doubles as a stand for the headphones for between uses, and will also recharge the headphone's batteries. There are three channels, selected using a switch on the base unit. If there is any problem with local interference, selecting one of the other channels should solve this.


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    Thomson WHP3311


    The headphones can be worn for extended periods; however as the earpads are made of leatherette things can get a bit sweaty under there but it's not a big concern. Also glasses wearers need not fear, there is no discomfort from earpad pressure on the arms of the glasses.

    Durability and Build Quality

    Construction is lightweight and designed for comfort whilst being used in a domestic setting. Build quality is good; although not rugged as such. If care is taken with them, they will last.

    Sound Characteristics

    The Thomson WHP3311 is a low-cost model and sound quality is fair for the price. Given that headphones are much nearer the ears than the average TV, a definite improvement will be apparent when it comes to comprehending speech, for example.

    Thomson WHP3311


    Are you getting complaints from neighbours when you're trying to watch Neighbours? The Thomson WHP3311 is a perfect low-cost TV audio solution to bring back a bit of clarity to dialogue and help avoid losing the plot!

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