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    Ultimate Ears Earphone Spares - cables, eartips and earphone cases

    Are you in need of spares for your Ultimate Ears or earphones? Well, now the HiFi Headphones store stocks a full range of replacement cables, eartips (in silicone and foam) as well as handy travel cases for your Ultimate Ears earphones. We also stock a full range of Comply Foam replacement eartips to fit the Ultimate Ears range.

    Earphone Cases

    Ultimate Ears offer two rather handy cases for their earphones, one in soft black leather and the other in a metallic silver hard case design. Both cases are made for Ultimate Ears earphones, but are also ideal for carrying many other brands of in-ear earphones. Ultimate Ears Earphone Hard Case Ultimate Ears Metallic Silver Hard Earphone Carry Case Ultimate Ears Earphone Leather Case Ultimate Ears Black Leather Earphone Carry Case

    Replacement Spare Cables

    If you've broken your Ultimate Ears 10 Pro, 5 Pro or 3 cable then you will be glad you chose earphones with a replaceable cable. The fact that the earphone lead can be replaced on the and range is a truly excellent feature and means that your favourite earphones can be repaired in the instance that the cable breaks. As with the earphones, the replacement cable can be purchased in Black or Clear colours. Ultimate Ears & Replacement Cable Replacement Cable for Ultimate Ears and Earphones

    Spare Ear Tips - standard or Comply Foam

    After some time the ear tips that come supplied with any earphones, including Ultimate Ears, can get a bit grubby. So why not treat your ears to some spare ear tips? The standard silicone or foam ear tips can be replaced with standard Ultimate Ears parts, or alternatively you can upgrade to pair of ultra-soft Comply Foam Ear Tips. Comply Foam Ear Tips for Ultimate Ears Earphones Comply Replacement Eartips for Ultimate Ears Earphones Comply ear tips utilise foam that is 30 times softer than standard ear tips and is activated by body heat. These high quality foam replacement ear tips offer superior comfort, enhanced bass response and a more secure stay in ear fit.

    More Information

    For a full range of Ultimate Ears earphones, Ultimate Ears spares and accessories and Comply Foam ear tips, please visit the HiFi Headphones online store.

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