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    Ultrasone IQ In-Ear Audiophile Headphones - New Product Announcement

    The Hifiheadphones team is pleased to announce that the flagship in-ear model from Ultrasone, the IQ is now available to be purchased on our website. Ultrasone's IQ has a housing constructed using superior metal die casting, its unique ergonomics make it possible for the IQ to be worn comfortably for a extended listening periods. A dynamic 8mm driver, made with Ultrasone's powerful Neodymium magnet, is responsible for the robust and precise bass playback. A micro driver (balanced armature) is controlled by a frequency separating filter, this is responsible for the reproduction of crystal-clear mid and high-tones. The outstanding isolation against background noise allows you to concentrate completely on the music.
    • Metal earphones with bi-directional hybrid driver technology
    • Superior strength metal die casting earpieces
    • Suited for many mobile phones and MP3 players
    • OMTP Adapter for smartphone use
    • Two high-quality detachable cables
    • Multimedia cable equipped with mic & remote
    • Five pairs of silicone eartips and two pairs of Comply Foam Tips
    • Includes flight adapter and luxury leather transport case
    To purchase the unit, please visit our website: Buy Ultrasone IQ In-Ear Headphones

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