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    WeSC Headphones - new street style and retro headphones from Sweden

    WeSC Headphones - cool Swedish retro headphone styling

    WeSC Alp Horn HeadphonesThe incredible looking WeSC headphones range is now available from the HiFi Headphones store. WeSC are on to a winner as they have developed a range of retro and street style headphones with decent sound quality to back up their good looks. WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy - pronounced wee-S-C) is a Swedish brand that is better known for designing rather cool looking clothing. WeSC have translated their definitive style onto the range of headphones. WeSC headphones certainly have a distinctive retro style that ensures they really stand out from the crowd.

    Do WeSC Headphones Sound Any Good?

    So how do the WeSC headphones sound? When we tested our first batch of WeSC headphones we were also positively surprised by the build and sound quality. Often with street style headphones the audio performance is seriously lacking and often the build quality is disappointing, but WeSC seem to have paid attention to the sonic abilities of their headphones as much as the physical build. WeSC Oboe Activist WeSC Oboe Activist

    Which model - Oboe, Oboe Activist or Bongo?

    It would be easy to label the WeSC headphone range as purely fashion accessories, but actually they don't sound bad at all. While not the last word in audiophile excellence, the WeSC range have a very well balanced sound with plenty of musical detail present. The bottom of the range WeSC Oboe headphone sounds very capable, but in our opinion the WeSC Oboe Activist series delivers slightly better clarity. There is yet more improvement in audio detail with the WeSC Bongo headphone, which also has a slightly better fit due to the soft comfortable earpads.

    More Information

    To see more WeSC headphones check out our Retro & Street Headphones section on the HiFi Headphones website. WeSC Bongo Headphones WeSC Bongo Headphones

    WeSC YouTube Advert

    If you have a couple of minutes why not check out the advert for WeSC headphones on YouTube.

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