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    WeSC Headphones - new models available for summer!

    WeSC Pickup & Maraca - New Models

    WeSC have just launched some new models in time for the summer holiday season. The new headphone models are the WeSC Pickup and the WeSC Maraca. The WeSC Maraca headphone is has a distincly retro design, not that far away from the highly sought after Alp Horn, but is a much smaller headphone and has a headband similar to the Bongo and Oboe models WeSC Pick-up Headphones The WeSC Pickup headphone is the coolest looking (in our opinion) of the new models, with circular ear pieces and funky earpads. The headband is a metallic band with adjustment to allow for all sizes of head. As ever WeSC have really pushed the boat out and come up with some of the funkiest looking headphones available. You can be sure you're wearing the coolest headphones with these new models. WeSC Maraca Headphones

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    For the full range of WeSC headphones and many other cool retro headphones, check out the HiFi Headphones store.

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