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    WeSC Open Flagship London Shop in Carnaby Street - Alp Horn First Photo

    WeSC officially opened their first high street shop in Carnaby Street, London last night. HiFi Headphones were invited to the launch party, which was organised by LateralCorp (the UK importer of WeSC products). The launch party was also attended by celebrity investor Debora Meadon from the UK TV series Dragons Den as well as the founder of WeSC, Greger Hagelin. Shaun and Kristina from HiFi Headphones took the opportunity to have a few beers and meet some of the team.

    WeSC Alp Horn - First Photos & Test

    The WeSC store launch party gave us the chance to have our first listen of the WeSC Alp Horn headphone. The Alp Horn has been in the pipeline for some time (we were expecting initial stock in August 2008), so it is great to finally see the Alp Horn in production. Annalise from LateralCorp kindly let us demo an Alp Horn and we were suitably impressed. The design of the Alp Horn is like no other headphone we have ever seen and we love it. It's great to see a headphone manufacturer doing something completely different and unique with headphone design. I had a bit of trouble with the fit of the headband over my head and ended up wearing it with the headband resting towards the back of the top of my head. Mind you I have a particularly large head and have problems finding hats and caps that fit me! WeSC Alp Horn Headphones Sound quality is excellent, with plenty of clarity and detail. I found bass response a little lacking initially, but this improved substantially once I got the fit right and therefore got a good seal over the ears. Overall we think this headphone is a winner.

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