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    Westone Earphones With Removable Cables - UM2 & UM3X

    Westone have just released a revision of the UM2 and UM3X with removable cables. This means that if the cabling breaks you just swap the cable for a replacement. This is something that owners of Ultimate Ears ( and and Sennheiser (IE8) have been enjoying for some time, so it's great to see Westone responding to customer feedback. In our experience the cables with any headphone or earphone is the single most likely item to break during the lifetime of the product. Occasionally the drivers in the earphone fail, or the earphone body itself breaks, but by far the largest majority of faults are due to cables breaking down - often leading to loss of sound in one or both earpieces. We think the new Westone models with replaceable cables will become the standard choice for anyone purchasing one of these superb sounding earphones.

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    For more information on the Westone UM3x, UM2 or any of the Westone Earphones range please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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