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    Westone W40 V2 Review

    Aesthetics and Build Quality:

    The W40 V2 are pretty sleek yet you can change up the colours with the interchangeable faceplates. They come in a variety of colours allowing you to choose which fits your style the best. The Bluetooth cable is black, but the normal cable is silver plated and looks great with the black housing. The build quality is great, the new silver-plated cable has good strain relief and the IEM’s themselves have a high-quality plastic housing with metal faceplates. The MMCX connectors feel solid when you click the cable into place, and everything is very well put together.

    Comfort and Isolation:

    Westone know how to make a comfy IEM and the W40 V2 are no different. With a smooth housing and perfect angles for the nozzle to enter your ear, they fit like a glove. Find the right tips and you will enjoy hours of comfort from them. The cable doesn’t have stiff memory wire, instead it has soft, pre-moulded earhooks. Isolation is a real strong point with these, as they are a fully sealed, multi BA driver design they are perfect for use in noisy environments.


    Bass: The bass on the W40 V20 is nice and tight yet it still has a fullness to the sound that makes them accurate yet easy to listen to. There is good extension and a little emphasis on the sub-bass, but the speed of the lows means they can keep up with complex mixes with ease. There is great articulation and bass lines are super easy to follow. This style of slightly emphasised low end without bloat works well for an everyday IEM. Midrange: There is a little dip in the lower midrange which can make certain vocals sound a little masked, however there is great presence and clarity throughout the midrange. The intimacy of the midrange is really pleasant, vocals are up front and centre whilst everything comes in from around them, giving a good sense of space and layering. These do really well with vocal based music. Treble: The highs don’t let these down, these are not a dark or boring IEM. They have great energy up top bringing out plenty of detail and sparkle, yet they also extend with ease. The transition from the upper midrange to the treble is pretty smooth and devoid of harsh sibilance. Positioning of the highs is great with good directionality and pinpoint accuracy. The W40 V2 are an energetic IEM that want you to enjoy the music, without missing any part of it. Soundstaging is very good, with a wide stage and excellent layering and separation the W40 V2 really allows you to pick apart the mix.


    If you are looking for a good all-rounder, the W40 V2 are well worth considering. With flexibility and excellent comfort, paired with a warm/neutral sound signature they handle most genres with ease and add a little energy down low for a bit of added enjoyment. Sound: 4/5 Comfort: 5/5 Build Quality: 4/5 Value: 3.5/5

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