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    Whizzer A15 Earphone Review


    Whizzer A15 Earphone Review

    The Whizzer A15 are well worth considering for their £69.99 price; detailed and fun sounding, with great build quality make them a winner.


    • Well balanced
    • Detailed
    • Separation
    • Soundstage


    • Highs are not the most refined
    • Cable is a little thin (replaceable)


    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

    The Whizzer A15 is an interesting IEM, with a brushed metal outer shell and the company logo stamped in black on it. They look and feel excellent for the price and have a nice slim profile. Build quality is very good, especially considering the price. The outer housing is metal, the cable has a soft and flexible section of memory wire and is sheathed in fabric below the y-split. The cable is detachable and uses the popular MMCX connection, so you can use aftermarket cables should you wish. The cable has good strain relief, my only concern is it is a little on the thin side where it enters the section of memory wire. Accessory wise you get plenty of added extras, first off you get a nice faux leather carry pouch which is small and perfect for storing the IEM's in. Next you get a metal tip holder with a variety of ear-tips. You get S, M and L in 2 different types of single flange tips, and also a pair of S and L foam tips. The A15 have removable dust filters, and come with a pair of tweezers to remove the old foam, and 5 pairs of new foam filters. Overall everything you need is included, along with some bonus extras.

    Comfort, Isolation, Cable noise and Driver flex

    The A15 are really comfy, the housing has no sharp edges and the memory wire is supple and easy to shape. Once in they are secure and comfortable for all round usage. I do find the angle of the cable does slightly push them out of your ear and foam tips offer a more secure fit. Isolation is quite average on the A15, due to the large vent on the inside of the housing. They would be fine for most general usage, but if you are looking to block out loud noises, a fully sealed IEM would be better. Cable noise is not an issue due to the behind the ear cable routing. Driver flex is not an issue, I believe this is due to the venting of the housing.




    The A15 are tuned for fun listening, with a strong and punchy low end but without excess or bloat. The bass will satisfy most people and lends its hand to all genres well. The bass is well controlled; during rock tracks bass guitars are easy to follow, and kick drums hit with authority and good body. Acoustic has excellent body and warmth with good tonality, and EDM is just fun and energetic. The bass does not bleed into the midrange, and extends right down to the sub-bass regions with ease.


    The midrange has excellent bite and clarity, as stated the bass does not cause excessive warmth to the midrange adding only a hint of warmth to the lower midrange. The midrange is also not pushed back in the mix which can happen with some of the more fun sounding headphones out there. A highlight of the midrange is the air and separation, allowing everything to shine through with delicacy and detail. Luckily there isn't an upper midrange peak, allowing them to be fatigue free with no sibilance.


    The treble is well presented in the mix, not being subdued or left behind. There is a slight peak which gives greater presence to the lower treble region and they don't quite extend as effortlessly as some more expensive models. But putting them up against similarly priced models, you will find these sound more complete than the usual warm bassy sound of others. Initial cymbal hits have excellent energy but are not sharp, and do not become too bright and fatiguing. Instrument separation is excellent, the A15 never becomes congested through faster more complex tracks, and the soundstage is above average with great width. Imaging is convincing with good spatial cues and directionality.



    The Whizzer A15 lends its hand to all music, and does a great job at being a good all rounder. Stick on some rock and they are energetic and fun, well recorded acoutstic and you can hear subtle detail and warmth. Presenting a well balanced sound across the frequency range, the A15 is a well built IEM for the price with excellent sound to boot.

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