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    Why should I upgrade my standard iPod headphones?

    So what's wrong with the standard issue iPod ear bud headphones? They're good enough for mobile listening, aren't they? Well, at Hifi Headphones we've heard this said more than a few times! We'd normally be pretty quick to offer a different opinion :) If like many iPod owners you've imagined that your standard headphones are pretty good, then you really have been missing out! Unfortunately Apple chose to supply relatively poor quality ear bud earphones with their little musical marvel. There is a level of detail and audio clarity that is simply missing with these standard issue earphones. We would always recommend upgrading the standard iPod headphones to something with a more musical punch. So what are the iPod headphone upgrade options? Below are a some ideas: Sennheiser MX 500 ear bud headphones If you must stick with ear bud headphones then the Sennheiser MX 500's give good performance and are very competitively priced. Sennhesier MX 500 Headphones Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Sound Isolating earphones The audio quality on these sound isolating 'ear canal' headphones is light years ahead of the standard iPod ear buds. The Ultimate Ears 3 Studio headphones give a smooth, even response across the entire audio range and decently-articulate mids and highs. Their bigger brother the Ultimate Ears 5 Studio's have even better high end response. Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Headphones AKG K 26 P foldable headband headphones The AKG K 26 P's offer an alternative to the normal in ear varieties, with a neat and tidy foldable head band. The bass responses on these headphones is truly astonishing! The convenient design and killer sound make the AKG K26 P's a serious contender for best portable headphones at this price point. AKG K 26 P Headphones Considering an iPod can set you back hundreds of pounds (or euros, dollars, etc), it really is worth investing a little bit extra in a decent set of headphones. For a huge range of headphones and earphones for the iPod and much more please visit the Hifi Headphone online store.

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