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    World Cup 2014 Headphone Guide

    World Cup 2014 Headphone Guide

    World Cup 2014 is on its way and now that FIFA have banned branded headphones, we have come up with a list of headphones to help you keep up with all of the matches. Whether you listen to the radio on the go, stream the games on your iPad or just want to watch the football at home without disturbing anyone. Here is our pick of headphones that will help you enjoy the World Cup and sound great!

    Portable Streaming

    Ideal for listening on the go with portable devices. These headphones are small, lightweight, they have good isolation and will reduce the amount of sound leaking out.. You can follow the World Cup in style.

    SoundMAGIC E10

    Voted best in-ear for under £40 3 years running. The E10 is the go to earphone for great sound and value.

    Jaybird BlueBuds X

    If you like using in-ears but want something wireless these are perfect! They use Bluetooth so will be able to connect to most mobile phones and modern portable devices.

    Beyerdynamic DTX501p

    These are great for portable listening. Very comfortable, they fold neatly into the supplied case and they sound great too.

    Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

    If you're after a bit more luxury then the Momentum On-Ear is for you. They are the portable sized version of the popular full sized Momentum. They have a lush sound with great clarity and soundstage. They are also extremely comfortable and they look great too!

    Audiofly AF78/M

    The AF78 uses hybrid technology, so you get a dynamic driver (for rich bass) and a balanced armature driver (for clarity and detail). This combination gives you great punchy sound with clear detail. The M version comes with a universal in-line microphone and one button control.

    Sennheiser MM450-X

    To fully immerse yourself you can go for the ultimate portable headphone. The MM450-X not only sounds great, they have noise cancelling – this will help block out background noise so you can listen in peace.

    Home Streaming

    Full size, comfortable and easily driven. Perfect for private listening at home with any source device.

    Grado SR80i

    These are open backed headphones so they will leak sound, but very good sound! They are probably the best value for money headphone we do.

    Sennheiser HD380

    Closed back and extremely comfortable. They have a warm and open sound – great for the price.

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

    One of the best sub £200 closed back headphones we do. Very good sound isolation and adjustable bass ports lets you customise the sound for your taste. Very comfortable and has a replaceable cable.

    SoundMAGIC HP200

    Another open backed headphone so sound will leak. These have a surprisingly warm sound for an open back headphone with great bass and natural detail.

    Final Audio Pandora Hope IV

    This closed back headphone gives you the best of both – a balanced armature driver for crisp top end detail and a dynamic driver for rich, punchy lows. Once burned in these headphones sound amazing – you'll want to wear them all day long!

    Beyerdynamic T70p

    The T70p has great clarity and top end detail with tight bass and an overall neutral sound. The P version is designed for portable devices, if you use a headphone amplifier then I would recommend the T70 (non P version).

    Watching TV

    If you're going to be watching the games live on TV then you will be doing some late night viewing. These headphones will be able to connect to your TV and get you fully immersed in the World Cup without disturbing anyone else in the house.

    Sennheiser RS160 or Sennheiser RS170

    The ultimate in TV quiet listening. Both the RS160 and RS170 are closed back and will isolate sound extremely well. The RS160 comes with a portable transmitter which can be powered by batteries whereas the RS170 has a more powerful transmitter that also acts a holder and charging station for the headphones.

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