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    Comply Foam Ear Tips Professional P-Version Platinum Small - 3 Pairs

    • Soft Memory Foam Technology with Tapered Shape for Maximum Comfort
    • Optimal Seal for Maximum Noise Isolation
    • Secure In-Ear Fit for Any Size Ear Canal
    • Comply Professional P-Version

      Exceptional noise isolation and ultimate comfort for today's demanding audio generation. Comply P-Version foam eartips provide maximum noise isolation by sealing the ear canal completely, allowing for undiluted, clean sound. Extreme comfort is guaranteed thanks to Comply's super-soft, unique memory foam.

      Patented and designed for military and aviation, the memory foam used to produce Comply P-Version tips are made from ultra-modern breathable viscoelastic polyurethane foam.

      Ultra Soft, Breathable Foam - softer than standard tips.

      Comply Foam Replacement Tips P-Version fully conform to your body's ergonomics, with patented technology of material and engineering expertise. Your body heat activates the unique material of the Complytips, making them ultra soft and resulting in reduction of fatigue and irritation.

      To ensure ultimate passive noise isolation, the Comply Tips mould to the shape of your ear by expanding and filling the ear canal entirely blocking out sound from the exterior world while funnelling pure sound into the ear. Manufactured for today's modern, active lifestyle, Complyfoam tips provide a secure, stay-in-ear fit during any activity.

      Perfect Fit Equals Supreme Music Experience, Immerse Yourself!

       Comply Foam Ear Tips P-Version in Platinum Small

      Soft Comfort
      The soft feel of the foam provides all-day comfort while eliminating in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with stock silicone tips.

      Stay-In-Ear Fit
      These tips use memory foam to gently seal the ear canal for a custom fit providing amazing retention during physical activities.

      Noise Isolation
      Are roommates and treadmills bothering you? By sealing the ear canal against environmental distractions, you can enjoy music without raising the volume.

      Comply P-Version Features

      • Enhanced audio experience
      • Softer than standard ear tips
      • Viscoelastic polyurethane foam moulds to the inner ear
      • Passive noise reduction filters out unwanted background noise
      • Body heat activated for impeccable stay-in-ear fit

      Reviews of Comply Eartips

      Expert Reviews Evaluation of Comply Foam Tips - 5 Stars

      Expert Reviews Evaluation of Comply Foam Tips – 5 Stars

      "An easy way to upgrade your earphones and cut out ambient noise." Review of Comply Foam Eartips - Great Review of Comply Foam Eartips

      "...I'm a fan...the Comply tips are much more comfortable, much softer and less scratchy than stock foam and silicone tips." Covers Product Release of Comply Foam Eartips

      "The tips make it easier to keep the earphones in place during activity and provide more bass thanks to a better seal in the ear canal."

      The Comply P-Version slim size is compatible with following earphones:

      • Centrios - Passive Noise Reduction Earphones
      • Comply - NR-1 CM Mobile Phone Earset - NR-1 CS Mobile Phone Earset - NR-1 Earphones - NR-10 Earphones
      • Goldring - GX200
      • Race Quiet - Isolation Earphones
      • Radio Shack - Noise Isolating Earbuds
      • Sharper Image - Noise Reduction Earbuds
      • Solitude - Solitude AIS
      • Trick Audio - TA100
      • Westone - UM1 - UM2

      Package Includes

      • 3 pairs of small size P-Version Comply foam tips in platinum
      1. BrandComply
      2. ColourGrey
      3. GTIN655942402063
      4. Part Number40-10206-00
      5. Product TypeEarphone Accessory
      6. Product WeightMale