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    FiiO RC-SE1 Replacement Cable - Shure - Ultimate Ears - Westone

    • Genuine FiiO Product
    • Plug with Hump Design
    • Independent Ground Wire for Left/Right Channel
    • High Frequency Audio Head
    • Suitable for Shure, Ultimate Ears and Westone Earphones
    • FiiO RC-SE1

      FiiO RC-SE1 headphone cable is designed for Shure, Ultimate Ears and Westone earphones. Independent ground wire for left/right channels, silver plated copper core, plug with hump design and quality components make the RC-SE1cable the perfect upgrade for Shure, Ultimate Ears and Westone earphones.

      FiiO RC-SE1 headphone cable features outstanding tension resistance and rugged, long-lasting components.


      • Silver plated copper wire core
      • Teflon FEP outer skin
      • Knitting structure with 8 separate wires
      • Independent ground wire for left and right channel
      • 11 pieces of wire core make up one separate wire
      • 3.5mm stereo straight plug with copper plated gold
      • Plug with hump design with copper plated gold
      • High frequency audio head in coaxial style (2.4mm diameter)
      • Tension-resistant with rugged component

      Compatible Earphones


      • SE215
      • SE315
      • SE425
      • SE535
      • SE846

      Ultimate Ears

      • UE 900


      • UM10
      • UM20
      • UM30
      • UM50
      • W40

      Technical Specifications

      • Length: 120cm (excluding plug)
      • Diameter of conductor: 26AWG (0.4mm)
      • Diameter of conductor including outer skin: 0.6mm
      • Diameter of cable: 2.5mm
      • Impedance of single channel for headphone cable: 0.16Ω / 1.2m
      • Suitable temperature: -80 - 200℃
      • High pressure resistance: 150V


      1. BrandFiiO
      2. ColourWhite
      3. Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
      4. GTIN6953175730163
      5. Part NumberRC-SE1
      6. Product TypeEarphone Accessory