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Audeze LCD-3 Zebrano Legacy - Open Back Headphones - Leather-Free

  • Exceptional planar magnetic headphone performance
  • Acoustically transparent magnetic structure
  • Unsurpassed frequency distribution
  • Custom designed natural Zebrano wood earcups
  • Engineered & manufactured in USA
  • Manufacturer warranty: 24 months


The Legacy Edition includes different accessories to the new version - the headphone design is identical with no changes to drivers or any other parts.

The Legacy Edition includes the following accessories:

  • Premium travel case
  • Audio cable with 6.35mm to dual 4-pin mini-XLR

Exclusive Audeze UK Service Offer

We are offering post-sales and out of warranty servicing for most Audeze models. Are you in need of a repair job or need new drivers to restore your headphones to their former glory? Then please contact us here.

  • Audeze LCD-3

    When it comes to sound quality Audeze makes no compromises. With the LCD-3 this celebrated headphone company have truly created the pinnacle of modern headphone performance. Providing the highest level of audio quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and the best mid-range the LCD-3 is a veritable achievement in the audiophile headphone world.

    Audeze have redesigned the planar magnetic driver of the LCD-3 to incorporate the new LOTUS membrane that uses a special alloy for conductive traces. With more control and lower distortion, the LCD-3 opens up new audio realms making music sounds like the original studio recording.

    Zebrano wood with its intense colour variation that ranges from light to dark complements the quality of the LCD-3 headphones in every way. Soft leather-free earpads are gently sloped to create a natural sound. LCD-3 headphones are equipped with both single-ended and balanced cables.

    The Best in the World.

    A Tradition of Excellence
    The lineage of the LCD Origins series can be traced back to the original LCD-2. Much has changed over the years, but these headphones still retain the iconic warmth and vibrant presentation that have captivated listeners for more than a decade.

    Connect to the Music
    The most forgiving of our LCD headphones, the LCD Origins series offers an engaging musical experience that features powerful bass and a rich midrange. Connect to the music as though you're in the room with the musicians.

    Engineered and Handcrafted in the USA
    Audeze headphones are engineered and handcrafted in the USA to exacting quality standards. Audeze's beautiful wood rings are precisely matched by grain and colour for a sophisticated look to match Audeze's premium audio quality.

    3-Year Driver Warranty
    Audeze's warranty covers 3-years for the headphone drivers and 1-year warranty for all other parts. This warranty covers factory defects only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use.


    What HiFi? Sound & Vision Honours Audeze LCD-3 with 5 Stars

    What HiFi? Sound & Vision Honours Audeze LCD-3 with 5 Stars

    “These ’phones deliver a scale and authority of sound we just didn’t think headphones could ever manage.”


    CNET's Audiophiliac Commemorates Audeze LCD-3

    CNET's Audiophiliac Commemorates Audeze LCD-3

    “The LCD-3's dynamic punch is simply the best I've heard, bass definition and power are phenomenal, stereo imaging is remarkably open and spacious.”


    • Wearing style: circumaural (around the ear)
    • Headphone type: Open back
    • Transducer type: Planar magnetic
    • Magnetic structure: Proprietary self-closing design
    • Magnet type: High-grade Neodymium
    • Diaphragm area: 39.8sq cm
    • Maximum power: 15W
    • Optimal power: 1-4W
    • SPL: >130dB with 15W
    • Frequency response: 5Hz - 20kHz extension to 50kHz
    • THD: <1%
    • Impedance: 110Ω
    • Efficiency: 93dB / 1mW
    • Weight: 600g
    • Cable length: 2.5m
    • Part number: 1002092


    • Exceptional planar magnetic headphone performance
    • Enhanced driver design with acoustically transparent magnetic structure
    • Unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and the best mid-range
    • High-performance headphone amplification required
    • Custom designed natural Zebrano wood earcups
    • Soft leather-free earpads and headband
    • Durable metal headphone plug connectors
    • Engineered & manufactured in USA
    • 3-years warranty for the drivers and 2-years warranty for all other parts


    • Audeze LCD-3 Headphones Zebrano
    • 6.35mm to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable (1.9m)
    • Professional travel case
    • User guide and warranty card
    1. BrandAudeze
    2. Cable EntryDual Sided
    3. Cable Length1.5m to 3m
    4. Cable Length Text1.9m
    5. ColourBrown
    6. Connectivity TechnologyWired
    7. Connector AngleStraight
    8. Detachable CableYes