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    iBasso PB2 Pelican Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier Black

    • iBasso PB2 Pelican Portable Balanced Headphone Amp
    • iBasso PB2 Pelican

      iBasso PB2 Pelican Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier. Small and mighty, the iBasso PB2 is definitely the most powerful portable headphone amplifier on the market with 2.5 Watts per channel. Have this handy little amplifier in your pocket to always have enough power to play with. All four channels of this quad design are separated and the layered board has copper traces that are all gold-plated.

      Equipped with high-quality Hirose connectors and Switchcraft jack plus Vishay high-grade capacitors. Making sure the PB2by iBassowill suit your personal requirements the option of OPAMP and buffer rolling is available. The volume control is a custom Alps potentiometer for impedance matching with a 3-setting gain jumper. iBasso's PB2 Pelican is 12.6V when ended and 25.2V when balanced. Run time is around 20 hours which varies depending on which OPAMPs are chosen and if the buffers are bypassed.

      With various accessories such as OPAMP rolling kit, travel pouch and interconnect cables the iBasso PB2 Pelican is sure to fit right into your musical life.

      iBasso PB2 Pelican Balanced Headphone Amplifier

      iBasso PB2 Features

      • 32V voltage swing, the highest voltage swing among portable amplifiers
      • Takes Balanced and Single End inputs, and provides Balanced and Single End outputs
      • 3-Setting gain jumper for impedance matching
      • 10 DIP sockets for OPAMP and Buffer rolling
      • 4-layer gold plated PCB
      • Rechargeable battery pack
      • More than 20 hours play time with stock OPAMPs
      • ALPS quad potentiometer
      • Hirose connector & Switchcraft jack
      • Vishay high grade capacitors inside
      iBasso PB2 Pelican Balanced Headphone Amplifier

      Technical Specifications

      • Power source: Built-in 12.6V Li-Polymer Battery Pack, or 16V External Power Supply
      • Frequency response: 10Hz~150 KHz -0.5dB
      • Signal to noise Ratio: -115dB
      • Output power: Up to 2500mW+2500mW into 32Ω
      • Gain: +6dB/ +12dB/ +20dB (Balanced Output), 0/ +6dB/ + 10dB (Single End Output)
      • Battery life: >20 Hours
      • Battery charge time: 4 Hours
      • Recommended headphone impedance: 8 - 600 ohm
      • Case dimension: 55 x 1001 x 24 (mm)
      • Weight: 168 g

      Package Includes

      • iBasso PB2 Pelican Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier
      • OPA604*4, AD797*4, BUF634U*4 (Stackable), BUF634P*4 (Hi-C), Dummy adapter*4
      • AC adapter
      • Leather pouch
      • 3.5 to 3.5 mm interconnect cable
      • Rubber feet
      • Warranty card
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