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    iBasso T3D Portable Headphone Amplifier in Grey (T3 Digital)

    • T3D
    • iBasso T3D Headphone Amplifier

      iBasso T3D Portable Headphone Amplifier in Grey. Micro size does not equal micro sound with the iBasso T3D. This anodized stainless steel Zippo lighter sized headphone amp delivers astounding amplification for portable on-ear headphones or IEMs. Based on 3 channel architecture, the iBasso T3D features improved sound quality over the iBassoT4 headphone amp delivering a pure and accurate presentation of sound. This version features a digital volume control switch for more control of volume levels.

      Equipped with two gain switches featuring digital volume control, the iBasso T3D is a versatile headphone amp allowing adjustment of volume levels to precise requirements of the user. With the digital volume control you can get hundreds of steps in adjustment, making the T3Dperfect for highly sensitive headphones.

      Portable devices like the iPod often introduce distortion to the audio signal via the headphone output. This can be avoided by bypassing the standard output of the iPod with a dock connector cable, eliminating noisy signals and allowing for a clean audio signal. The dock connector cable is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

      Charging of the iBasso T3D is accomplished with the integrated charging system that charges the Li-polymer battery either via USB cable or AC adapter. Fully charged, the iBasso T3D has a play time of approximately 38 hours.

      iBasso T3D headphone amp - high-fidelity presentation of music.

      iBasso T3D High-Definition Portable Headphone Amplifier

      Improved Sound
      Astounding amplification for portable on-ear headphones or in-ear monitors delivering a pure and accurate presentation of sound.

      Digital Control
      Hundreds of precise steps in volume adjustment makes the T3D ideal for highly sensitive headphones.

      Charging Options
      Featuring an integrated charging system, the T3D can be charged either via USB or AC adapter.

      Impressive Battery Life
      With a charge time of 2.5 hours the battery of the T3D has an approximate playtime of 38 hours.

      iBasso T3D Portable Headphone Amplifier in Grey

      Technical Specifications

      • Frequency response: 20Hz - 100Khz +/- 0.5dB
      • Signal to noise ratio: -98dB
      • Crosstalk: 94dB
      • Total harmonic distortion: 0.0015% @ 1kHz / 0dB
      • Output power: 120mW + 120Mw into 32 Ohms
      • Gain: 0dB / +3dB / +8dB / +10dB
      • Estimate battery Life: 38 hours
      • Battery charge time: 2.5 hours
      • Size: 64.5 x 37 x 10 (mm)
      • Weight: 28g

      iBasso T3D Features

      • 3 channel architecture design
      • Two gain switches with digital volume control
      • Anodized stainless steel housing
      • Rechargeable Li-polymer battery with integrated charging system
      • Charging is accomplished with either the USB cable or AC adapter
      • Up to 38 hours of play time
      • Measures 64.5 x 37 x 10 (mm) and weighs only 28g
      iBasso T3D Portable Headphone Amplifier in Grey

      Package Includes

      • iBasso T3D Portable Headphone Amplifier
      • 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect cable (16cm)
      • Leather pouch
      • Mains AC adapter
      • USB cable
      • Instruction manual
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