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    Lehmann Audio Rhinelander Headphone Amplifier - Black

    • Based on Legendary Linear Headphone Amplifier
    • Short Signal Path for Pure Sound Quality
    • Zero Feedback Output Stage
    • Ultra Fast Rectifying Diodes
    • Low ESR Electrolytic Caps & Gold Plated RCA Connectors
    • Low-Noise, Regulated External AC Power Supply
    • Lehmann Rhinelander Headphone Amplifier

      With its distinct looks and weighty feel, the Lehmann Rhinelanderheadphone amplifier delivers tonally balanced audio that's packed with life and punch that leaps out of your headphones without becoming wearing or brash over prolonged listening. As well as accepting two inputs, it features a nice volume control and a front-mounted metal selector. In short: very cohesive sound; exciting listen; great detailing; well balanced in tone.

      The brand new Rhinelanderheadphone amplifier is based on the legendary Linear by Lehmann Audio. Now you can experience a huge part of the Linear's transparency, tonal balance and micro-detail and at only a fraction of the cost. Rhinelanderwill find its place in the highly competitive group of ambitioned budget conscious audiophile listeners.

      Lehmann Rhinelander Reviews

      What HiFi? Assesses Lehmann Rhinelander - What HiFi? Assesses Lehmann Rhinelander – 5 stars

      What HiFi? Assesses Lehmann Rhinelander – 5 stars

      "Its accomplished sense of neutrality is a great advantage and you really want to keep listening to the performance it gives. Give one of these an audition and you won't be disappointed."

      Hifi & Records Germany Evaluates Lehmann Rhinelander - Fascinating

      Hifi & Records Germany Evaluates Lehmann Rhinelander - Fascinating

      "Soundwise it's nothing short of fascinating what this little box does with various headphones. In terms of punch, resolution and spaciousness it clearly distances itself from onboard solutions."

      Lehmann Rhinelander Specifications

      • Zero feedback output stage with current that will drive most headphones
      • Relays source selection and mute operation
      • Short signal path for pure sound quality
      • Gain jumper selectable between 6dB or 20dB
      • Anodized aluminium faceplate
      • Ultra fast rectifying diodes
      • Only low ESR electrolytic caps
      • Gold plated RCA connectors
      • Neutrik headphone jack with gold plated contacts
      • Low-noise, regulated external AC power supply
      Lehmann Rhinelander Headphone Amplifier Inside View
      1. BrandLehmann Audio
      2. ColourBlack
      3. Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
      4. Part NumberRhinelander Black
      5. Product TypeHeadphone Amplifier
      6. Recommended useHi-Fi;Studio