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    Mission LX-2 Bookshelf Speakers - White Sandex

    • Smart, practical and affordable speakers with engaging energy and detail
    • Tweeter positioned below mid/bass driver to aid time-alignment
    • Internal cabinet reinforcement eliminates resonances and vibrations
    • Frequency response: 60Hz - 30kHz
    • Recommended amplifier power: 20W - 100W
    • Mission LX-2

      Mission have taken budget speaker design to the next level with the LX-2 bookshelf speakers that combine smart and practical design elements to provide an engaging and energetic sound with a classic look. Able to bring performances to life, LX-2 speakers are designed with the classic Mission speaker configuration that has turned the audio world on its head.

      These get right to the heart of the music

      What Hi-Fi?

      Straying from the standard driver positioning, Mission LX-2 have the tweeter mounted below the bass/mid driver to equalize the acoustic travel distance to ideal levels. The result is a longer path for the treble balancing the sound distance between the drivers for perfect timing of the sound delivery.

      To make sure the speaker performance of the LX-2 is not compromised by vibrations of the external enclosure Mission have meticulously reinforced key points of the cabinet. Using a combination of CAD analysis, a lot of research and extended listening tests, the cabinet of the LX-2 is able to convey the full frequency range with clarity and detail while suppressing any unwanted cabinet resonances and vibrations.

      Distinct design, intense listening.


      Mission LX-2


      Innovative Dome Tweeter
      For the LX Series, Mission has carefully designed a tweeter with a neodymium magnet for maximum force in a small space, together with a 25mm microfibre dome chosen for its repeatability and consistency in manufacture. It delivers a sweet-sounding but incisive upper frequency as required.

      Distinct Driver Positioning
      In traditional Mission style, the tweeter is positioned below the mid/bass driver, in order to aid time-alignment. By placing the treble unit lower than ear level, the path length from the treble unit to the listener is longer than that of the mid/bass unit. As the treble unit dome is physically forward of the mid/bass unit cone, the difference in path length helps to equalise the acoustic distance.

      Acoustic Crossover Network
      Mission have utilised a 4th order acoustic (24dB per octave) Linkwitz-Riley crossover network in the LX-series. Developed through a combination of advanced computer modelling, expertise and many hours of listening tests, it is particularly notable for its ability to balance excellent off-axis performance with a flatter on-axis result.

      Reinforced Cabinet Design
      Extensive research and development was carried out to ensure internal cabinet robustness, eliminating any unwanted cabinet resonances and vibrations. Using a combination CAD analysis, experimentation and extensive listening tests the cabinet within each speaker has been braced at key points which means the full frequency range is clear and detailed.




      What Hi-Fi? 2016 Award Winner: Best Standmount Speakers under £200

      What Hi-Fi?

      “The LX-2s are the most convincing Mission product we’ve heard in years and one of the best budget speakers around.”


      Hi-Fi Choice Grouptest Winner - Five Stars

      Hi-Fi Choice

      “A seriously talented standmount loudspeaker and a stone-cold bargain at the price.”



      • General description: 2-way bookshelf/standmount speaker
      • Enclosure type: Bass reflex
      • Bass driver: 130mm advanced fibre bass driver
      • Treble driver: 25mm microfibre dome tweeter
      • Sensitivity (2.0V @ 1m): 86.5dB
      • Recommended amplifier power: 20-100W
      • Nominal impedance: 6 ohm compatible
      • Minimum impedance: 4.4ohms
      • Frequency response (+-3dB): 60Hz - 30kHz
      • Crossover frequency: 2.8kHz
      • Dimensions (mm): 305 x 191 x 260 [H/W/D]
      • Weight: 5.2kg



      • Smart, practical and affordable speakers with engaging energy and detail
      • Advanced microfibre dome tweeters deliver sweet sounding upper frequency
      • Tweeter positioned below mid/bass driver to aid time-alignment
      • 4th order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley crossover network
      • Internal cabinet reinforcement eliminates resonances and vibrations
      • Recommended amplifier power: 20 - 100W
      • Frequency response: 60Hz - 30kHz
      • Crossover frequency: 2.8kHz


      1. BrandMission
      2. ColourWhite
      3. Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
      4. GTIN5025941168089
      5. Part NumberMISMH-028168-00B
      6. Product TypeSpeaker
      7. Product WeightMale