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Audeze Penrose Wireless Audiophile Gaming Headphones

  • Audeze 100mm planar magnetic drivers
  • Lossless 2.4GHz low-latency wireless connection
  • Bluetooth and wired analogue connection options
  • Detachable broadcast quality microphone
  • Comfortable memory foam padding

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Customer Reviews

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  • Overall the gaming experience is superb though, with excellent spatial accuracy and immersion, match that with good comfort and you have a great gaming headset
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    • Audeze Penrose X

      The new Penrose extends Audeze’s gaming headphone family into the console gaming world. Audeze Penrose X continues to set the standard for gaming audio by applying its award-winning planar magnetic driver technology together with an enhanced broadcast quality microphone. Penrose X is designed with Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X in mind, while Penrose is compatible with Sony’s Playstation 5.

      Penrose is equipped with Audeze’s 100mm planar magnetic drivers, a high-performance microphone, and a 2.4 GHz low-latency lossless dual wireless connection, so gamers can experience the best in audio quality and wireless functionality.

      Step up your game.

      Broadcast Quality Microphone
      The Penrose microphone is custom engineered to bring enhanced voice quality for chat and streaming. Its flexible boom construction makes adjustments effortless, and built-in noise filters reduce up to 20dB of background sound.

      Complete Connection
      Penrose X wireless headset comes with a USB dongle that can be connected to the upcoming Xbox Series X gaming consoles, as well as current generation consoles and desktop computer systems. Penrose can also be connected to mobile devices using Bluetooth 5.0, with support for SBC and AAC codecs.

      Full Control
      Both wireless and Bluetooth connections can be activated simultaneously, allowing users to customize their Penrose X sound settings in real time using the Audeze HQ mobile and desktop app.

      The Audeze Penrose wireless planar magnetic headset comes in two versions, Penrose X (for Xbox, Xbox Series X, and Windows desktops) and Penrose (for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Windows and Mac desktops).


      TrustedReviews Appraises Audeze Penrose Gaming Headset

      "Audeze Penrose is one of the best-sounding wireless gaming headsets we’ve tested, offering wonderfully detailed and immersive audio."



      • Audeze 100mm planar magnetic drivers
      • Compatible with Xbox, Xbox Series X, and Windows desktops
      • High-performance broadcast quality microphone
      • 2.4GHz lossless low-latency dual wireless
      • Audeze HQ mobile and desktop app with custom EQ and sidetone toggling

      Package Includes

      • 2.4GHz wireless dongle
      • Detachable broadcast quality microphone
      • USB-A to USB-C cable
      • 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
      • Quick start guide
      • Warranty card

      Audeze HQ Presets

      This table contains a variety of EQ presets for Penrose developed by Audeze and partners. We hope that they inspire you to create new presets of your own!

      Instructions on Loading and Saving Presets can be found here.

      Preset Description Creator

      This package contains “reimaginings” of the Footsteps, Ballistics, Racing, RPG, and Warm presets found inside the Audeze Mobius.


      Power up your music listening experience with these presets tuned for a variety of musical genres from EDM to Classical.


      Level up your play with presets created for the following games:

      Call of Duty Warzone
      Escape from Tarkov
      Insurgency Sandstorm
      Rocket League
      Baldur’s Gate 3