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Burson Audio Conductor V2+ - Headphone Amplifier - Pre-Amp & USB DAC - Silver - Refurbished

  • Three-in-one reference class headphone amplifier, pre-amp and DAC
  • Drives high impedance headphones and delicately handles sensitive models
  • Extremely high-resolution 100-step volume control
  • DSD 256 streaming and 32bit 346k sampling
  • High-fidelity digital playback regardless of operating platform
  • Refurbished item warranty: 12 months

Optional available accessories:

  • Burson Audio Conductor V2+

    Refurbished unit in excellent condition repackaged with original accessories or accessories from compatible models and brands. All refurbished products are certified by authorized technicians.

    Redefining reference class listening with the updated Burson Conductor V2+ powerhouse combining a muscular headphone amplifier with highly advanced digital DAC and balanced pre-amp. This all-in-one audio solution establishes a new performance level providing double the output power and a redesigned DAC section to comfortably drive power-hungry headphones and handle sensitive monitor earphones with a delicate manner.

    Potent transformers with high density at the core of the Conductor V2+ provide the amplifier and pre-amp sections with enormous output power while retaining reference level refinement. With output over 8200mW per channel into 16ohm, the Conductor V2+ is a true Hi-Fi component without compromise.

    With the integrated Sabre32 high-performance DAC section with redesigned circuits the Conductor V2+ reveals every single element of sound in bit perfect pure Class-A. Together with the flagship analogue 100-step volume control and XMOS 6 core USB connectivity, Burson gives all of this power into your hand to reap the benefits of Burson's ethos for creating the best sound possible.

    More power, superior sound.

    Burson Audio Conductor V2+

    Smooth Operator
    At the heart of the new 100-Step volume control is Burr-Brown’s flagship analogue PGA2310. With an impressive dynamic range of 120dB and 0.0004 THD measurement, it allows for a 0.5dB per step of fine control to Conductor V2. With the PGA2310 the Conductor V2 operate smoothly and silently with no mechanical moving parts.

    High-Performance DAC
    Sabre32 DAC is the most expensive and highest performing DAC chip in the world. For the new Conductor V2+, Burson had to completely redesign all the support circuits around the Sabre chip in order to take its performance to a new high. Pure Class A, the new output stage with the V6 opamp DNA is able to reveal micro dynamic that others can only dream of.

    Less Equals More
    The new DAC design also utilises the DSP Volume control that is built in theSabre32 DAC. Such arrangement means when using with any digital inputs, volume control is handled by theSabre32 DAC, bypassing our own PGA2310 volume control. As usual, in the audio industry, less means more.

    Advanced Connectivity
    Armed with XMOS interface to provide highest level of connectivity from desktop Windows-based system and OSX to major mobile platforms like IOS and Android. Equipped with the flagship XMOS 6 core USB module the Conductor V2+ provides 32bit 346k sample rate and DSD 256 streaming. Conductor V2+ utilises a triple low jitter clock structure for the highest level of jitter correction.

    Burson Audio Conductor V2+



    • Input Impedance: 35kΩ
    • Frequency Response: +-1dB 0-56kHz
    • TDH: <0.003%
    • Output Impedance (Headphone Amp): 3Ω
    • Output Impedance (Pre Out/DAC Out): 1Ω/25Ω
    • Inputs: 2 x RCA line level input
    • Outputs: 1 x RCA Pre Amp, 1 x Headphone Jack (6.35mm)
    • Weight: Approx. 7kg
    • Dimensions: 265 x 255 x 80 (mm)

    DAC Specifications

    • Channel Separation: 142 dB @ 1KHz, 135 dB @ 20KHz
    • THD+N: 0.0005% @ 1KHz, 0dBFS
    • COAX & Toslink / SPDIF : up to 24bit 192K

    USB Specifications

    • Desktop OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Mac OSX
    • Desktop OS: iOS, Android (OTG support)
    • PCM Support: PCM to 384kHz @ 16, 24 or 32bits
    • Native DSD: Native DSD 64 / 128 / 256
    • DSD over PCM: DoP64 / DoP128 / DoP256


    • Three-in-one reference class headphone amplifier, pre-amp and DAC
    • Double the power output as Conductor V1
    • Superior sound through high-grade V6 SS opamp
    • Dual transformers output 8200mW per channel into 16Ω
    • Drives high impedance headphones and delicately handles sensitive models
    • Flagship volume control chip operate smoothly and silently
    • Extremely high-resolution 100-step volume control
    • Sabre32 DAC chip with redesigned support circuits
    • Advanced XMOS 6 core USB module digital interface
    • DSD 256 streaming and 32bit 346k sampling
    • Triple low jitter clock structure achieves highest level of correction
    • High-fidelity digital playback regardless of operating platform


    • Burson Audio Conductor V2+ in Silver
    • Remote control
    • RCA cable
    • USB cable
    • Power cable
    • Warranty card

    1. BrandBurson Audio
    2. ColourSilver